How to Move Notebooks in OneNote for Windows 10 + how to set permissions?




If I have a OneNote Notebook on a SharePoint site and want to move to a different SharePoint Site, how can I do this? I do not see where I can move in OneNote for Windows 10.


If I want to change permissions on a OneNote for Windows 10 Notebook, how can I do this? Must I do it through the SharePoint location or OneDrive location? Can't seem to find information on this anywhere. 



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If it is the notebook that comes with the SharePoint site, I would recommend you not to move it as it will break the site navigation. Better than to move the contents from within OneNote (right-click on the section/page and select Move/Copy). And if you have created another notebook and it resides in the document library, I would recommend you to 1. select the notebook, and 2. use the "Move to" command and then select the other SharePoint site.


As for the permission change, you can accomplish this by selecting "Share" within the OneNote app, and then the 3 dots (elipses) in the top right corner. You cannot change the permissions of certain vital roles, like owners, but hopefully the ones you need to change.


Good luck, Magnus


Thanks very much - I like the move\copy sections feature.