Help with *annoying* printout error (EmbeddNodeCreationFailed)

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My workflow in ON (UWP version) involves inserting multiple PDF printouts in a sequence (each PDF printout on a different page) for further reference and annotation.


Almost every other printout insertion leads to an error message (Error: EmbeddNodeCreationFailed).


For example: 1st file: successful -> 2nd: error -> 3rd: successful -> 4th: error -> and so on (sometimes there are two errors or two files correctly inserted in a row/consecutively).


Of course, I've tested the files and all of them open properly on Acrobat Reader. Also, on different testing scenarios, a file that was successfully inserted previously led to the same message sometimes.


I've searched for a solution all over but could not find one - please help a fellow ON user!


OneNote UWP version - Version 16001.12026.20112.0 - Windows 10 - Surface Pro 2017

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