Excel for Mac - creating files programmatically

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Hi. In Windows, it is very easy to create a file in Explorer, by right-clicking. In Mac, the standard OS does not allow you to create a file in the finder (I have no idea why, but it seems to be against Apple's design philosophy. I suspect this is one reason why there are so many finder alternatives on Mac). I get around this using an Alfred workflow which evokes the command line / Apple script (this is what I mean when I say that the file is created programmatically). This works brilliantly. However, when I use this method to create an Excel file (.xlsx, .xls, .csv), Excel does not open it (it tells me that the file format / extension is not valid). I only have this problem with Excel, e.g. Word is able to open Word documents (.docx) which I have created programmatically. Is there any way to get Excel for Mac to open Excel documents which have been created programmatically? Thanks.

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