Endpoint reallocation and Office ProPlus

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So in a perfect IT world one would assume an asset would get wiped prior to being redeployed to an end user, ie fresh & clean box (well on the inside)...but what happens if you need to redeploy a box to another user in a similar role due to a RIF/Termination and 365 ProPlus is installed due to extenuating circumstances? ie cert, software, mgmt, etc...


How have you handled the license changes for endpoints? 

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Isn't a case of removing the Office 365 license and reusing it where it's needed? Then as long as the current user has ProPlus licence usually they shouldn't have any issues, except being prompted to login to Office when running one of the Office apps?

The 'What you need to know about removing licenses from users in Office 365 for business' section covers many of the mitigating factors:

let me clarify with two scenarios...
User A leverages computer 1. User A is promoted to a new role at another spot that warrants a new device (ie laptop). Computer 1 is then reassigned to User B (User A's replacement). How does the endpoint know to reassign the license to User B, or is that manual due to User A still having a valid license? How have others solved this

User A leverages computer 1. User A employment is now terminated. User B (User A's replacement) is issued Computer 1. How does the endpoint know to reassign the license to User B?

so got some clarity on this from MS...after 30 days, the box will auto switch (if you have ADFS) over to the new owner...