Continous spinning when vitalSource talking to OneNote over Web

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I am trying to export some highlighted information in a Text book into OneNote.  VitalSource's Bookshelf program opens a connection window and attempts to connect.  After logging in I get a circle that keeps spinning.  For hours if I let it. 

Its as if Bookshelf is talking to OneNote, but OneNote is a brick wall.  Bookshelf keeps talking, and is getting no response.


Here is screen print of what I mean.  It will not advance past this screen, its supposed to ask me what I want to export into OneNote.




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I have the same problem. Has any solution been found?

@EVett2145 nope!  Both companies just pass the buck.  No one bothers to figure out how to fix it.  Microsoft says its Vital source, Vital Source says its Microsft.  I'm not holding my breath that this is ever corrected.  Both parties are too lazy to do anything about it, they'd rather just blame eachother.

@CoreyWren Great...well thanks for letting me know!