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I've emptied a user's trash bin twice now, after finding that it was 99% full. After emptying the first time, it seemed to be fixed, but then it happened again. I repeated the process, but now the mailbox is 99% full again.


I need help with two things 1) Why is the user's mailbox/trash bin still filled mail I thought I deleted? 2) where do you access the feature within Office 365 Admin to delete the user's trash bin?

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Hi @2021PC 

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It is possible that the mailbox has a hold on it - the hold will prevent emails from being lost. 


To check the Office 365 Center to know if there is a hold - 

Office 365 admin center - Mail - More actions - Manage litigation hold - Check if it is turned on. 


If it is turned on, put it off temporarily, delete the emails you want to delete and turn it on back. 


The litigation hold is turned on for security, to prevent loss of emails. So even if you delete emails, it remains. 

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