Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 128
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 108 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


[ui!] UrbanPulse.png

[ui!] UrbanPulse: [ui!] UrbanPulse is a centralized urban data platform on Microsoft Azure that delivers real-time actionable insights by visualizing a wide variety of data across systems.

AI Operator.png

AI Operator: Chemical Technologies' AI-powered AI Operator ingests data from industrial processes and provides real-time recommendations to your production team or fully automated process optimization decisions.


Allpro: Allpro expands your existing ERP system by collecting and confirming data about employee-related and project-related costs for key processes, including time reporting, project expenses, and business trip approvals.

AssistEdge Discover.png

AssistEdge Discover: Discover gaps and variations in your processes and identify opportunities for automation across your organization with AssistEdge Discover. Capture human-machine interactions nonintrusively, improve process transparency, gain actionable insights, and more.

AtScale Adaptive Analytics 2021.png

AtScale Adaptive Analytics 2021: AtScale Adaptive Analytics unleashes the power of data to help businesspeople and data scientists alike make data-driven decisions quickly, easily, and at scale.

BI-Clinical for Providers.png

BI-Clinical for Providers: Citiustech's BI-Clinical analytics platform on Microsoft Azure offers an extensive range of configurable apps covering more than 900 KPIs for clinical, financial, operational, and regulatory requirements.

Bitnami Shell Container Image.png

Bitnami Shell Container Image: Bitnami offers this preconfigured container image of Bitnami Shell. Based on minideb, Bitnami Shell is well-suited for helper tasks such as running initialization tasks in init containers from Helm charts.

CareSeed HEDIS Quality Reporting.png

CareSeed HEDIS Quality Reporting: CareSeed Forecast is a reporting solution that empowers your organization to execute key tasks and deliver improved results for the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) and other quality measures.

CentOS 7 Minimal.png

CentOS 7 Minimal: This preconfigured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides a minimal installation of CentOS 7, which includes several major changes that pertain to booting up and managing the system.

CentOS 8 Minimal.png

CentOS 8 Minimal: This preconfigured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides a minimal installation of CentOS 8, which includes a system-wide cryptographic policy that means you don't have to modify security configurations for individual applications.

Certified Apache NiFi - Calculated Systems.png

Certified Apache NiFi - Calculated Systems: Apache NiFi enables you to automatically capture, move, enrich, and transform machine data, Internet of Things (IoT) data, and streaming data between systems. Build data pipelines from commercial data feeds, manufacturing equipment, IoT sensors, web servers, and more.

ChillETL Framework.png

ChillETL Framework: Built on Microsoft Azure Data Factory, ChillETL is Cloud Data Solutions' framework for addressing common design patterns associated with scheduling and logging ETL processes, intelligent restarts on failures, notifications, and more.

cloudstep - cloud cost modelling done right.png

cloudstep - cloud cost modelling done right: cloudstep helps IT organizations develop a fully costed migration plan for their customers. Summarize an organization's change program in waves, enabling technical teams to understand what is ahead, where savings will occur, and what internal effort is required.

Cognite Data Fusion.png

Cognite Data Fusion: Cognite Data Fusion is a specialized DataOps and AI platform providing DataOps at scale for heavy-asset industries. Make all industrial data accessible, understandable, and useful for data scientists and developers alike.


Colibri: Built on Microsoft Azure, Colibri is a cloud-based supply chain planning solution that covers sales and demand forecasting, distribution and supply planning, and sales and operations planning management.

Connect Plus.png

Connect Plus: The value of data continues to increase along with the need to be able to exchange it effectively. Connect Plus serves as a central hub that simplifies, scales, and standardizes data exchange. This application is available only in Dutch.

Cosmos Lite.png

Cosmos Lite: Cosmos Lite for virtual broadcast channel playout provides a fast Microsoft Azure-based playout solution that enables broadcasters and service providers to spin up both OTT and traditional TV channels in a few minutes.

CSMART by Celebal.png

CSMART by Celebal: A comprehensive cloud management platform for Microsoft Azure, C-SMART simplifies Azure usage with easy monitoring, management, optimization, and reporting along with automated deployment and data migration features.

CXP Cloud Enterprise.png

CXP Cloud Enterprise: Built in partnership with leading healthcare systems to meet enterprise needs, Oneview Healthcare’s Care Experience Platform (CXP) Cloud Enterprise edition scales to thousands of endpoints across every type of healthcare facility.

eCarUp - EV Charging Solution.png

eCarUp - EV Charging Solution: Easily manage, bill, and rent your e-charging station with eCarUp on Microsoft Azure. Once connected to eCarUp, you can use a growing set of parameters to customize charging stations to your use cases (public, semi-public, private).

EDGE Next.png

EDGE Next: EDGE Next is a smart building solution that uses sensors and other sources to gather data and deliver actionable insights. Make your building smarter, safer, and more sustainable with EDGE Next.

EDISPHERE Private Instance using MS-SQL Database.png

EDISPHERE Private Instance using MS-SQL Database: Available on Microsoft Azure as a private instance using SQL Server, EDISPHERE is a cost-effective electronic data interchange (EDI) software and web services integration platform that uses traditional EDI formats to integrate ERP and cloud systems.

Ekran System Insider Threat Management Solution.png

Ekran System Insider Threat Management Solution: Ekran System is a comprehensive insider risk-management solution that helps organizations mitigate threats by deterring, detecting, and disrupting threats from internal users across IT infrastructures.

FUJITSU Retail Solution Brainforce.png

FUJITSU Retail Solution Brainforce: Available only in Japanese, Brainforce leverages a microservices architecture to expand the retail value chain by providing a reimagined consumer shopping experience and rewarding stores and employees for their work.

Gimmal Link.png

Gimmal Link: Gimmal Link seamlessly moves content created in SAP to SharePoint and allows SharePoint users to create and link to transactions in SAP. Increase content availability through multiple delivery channels with Gimmal Link.

Gimmal Records.png

Gimmal Records: Gimmal Records integrates with your content repositories to manage all your records and information collectively. Leverage comprehensive records management to help ensure organizational compliance, no matter where your records live.

Honeywell Quantum Solutions.png

Honeywell Quantum Solutions: Honeywell Quantum Solutions' quantum computers are trapped-ion-based systems with differentiated features that enable you to explore a variety of complex problems. Approach quantum computation in new ways with a robust increase in computational power.

H-Scale For Providers.png

H-Scale for Providers: H-Scale is a Microsoft Azure-based data integration and management platform that empowers organizations to build a cloud-native data strategy from scratch. Streamline healthcare data acquisition, storage, curation, and provisioning while adding business value.

Imperva Application Security.png

Imperva Application Security: Imperva Application Security protects your critical applications and APIs with a defense-in-depth approach. Features include a web application firewall, DDoS protection, and machine learning-powered attack analysis.

KITT Chatbot.png

KITT Chatbot: KITT is a text-based and speech-to-text chatbot that can be integrated with websites, instant-messaging systems, intranets, and more. This application is available in German and English.

Koverse Intelligent Solutions Platform.png

Koverse Intelligent Solutions Platform: The Koverse Intelligent Solutions Platform enables organizations to design and build scalable data-driven solutions in a high-availability/high-performance Apache Accumulo-based environment.

Mask Detection.png

Mask Detection: Volteo Edge's Mask Detection module for Azure IoT Edge helps improve workplace safety through mask compliance monitoring. Deploy Volteo Edge, connect your cameras, activate your Azure Live Video Analytics graph, and get mask violation events delivered to your Azure IoT Hub.

Minimal Installation of Debian 10.png

Minimal Installation of Debian 10: This preconfigured image from Virtual Pulse provides a minimal installation of Debian 10 optimized for automated use at scale. Debian 10 is used as a common base system on top of which other appliances can be built and tested.

Modern Requirements4DevOps.png

Modern Requirements4DevOps: Modern Requirements4DevOps lets you author, elicit, automate, trace, and define requirements in Azure DevOps services. Reduce project cycle times by providing the right amount of requirement analysis, quality management, and reporting.

MultiChain 2 Enterprise with Support.png

MultiChain 2 Enterprise with Support: Ready to deploy on Microsoft Azure, this MultiChain 2 Enterprise template is suitable for organizations wishing to run their own MultiChain Enterprise node without the hassle of managing it on-premises. MultiChain 2 Enterprise is a leading enterprise blockchain platform.


NaviSafe: Hosted on Microsoft Azure, UST NaviSafe is an IoT-based safety and productivity platform designed to significantly reduce unsafe behavior at construction sites. NaviSafe drives worker safety to help you achieve accident-free construction and manufacturing sites.

Nia DocAI.png

Nia DocAI: Nia DocAI is an enterprise-grade solution that leverages advanced AI techniques, including computer vision and natural language processing, to help users across industries derive insights from unstructured data in their documents.


ORBITS: Students can use ORBITS to study together with peers or use its Smart Transcription service to automatically transform virtual lessons into organized, searchable, and reviewable text or video clips.

PetaSuite CE.png

PetaSuite CE: PetaSuite CE provides lossless compression of genomic files. The PetaSuite binary consists of a command-line tool that performs compression and decompression and a user-mode library that allows other tools and pipelines to access data in its original file formats.

Project Online Data Warehouse.png

Project Online Data Warehouse: PPM Works Data Warehouse provides an authenticated, cloud-based data solution for your Microsoft Project Online reporting needs. Easily import your old SQL Server Reporting Services assets or build new ones using Power BI and SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel Services, or other reporting software.

Project Planner Sync.png

Project Planner Sync: PPM Works Project to Planner Sync enables you to use Microsoft Planner for task management while managing the execution in Microsoft Project Online. Collaborate seamlessly, automate workloads, reduce costs, and more.

Quisitive LedgerPay.png

Quisitive LedgerPay: Quisitive LedgerPay seamlessly integrates payments, analytics, and targeted push marketing operations in one cloud-based solution. Increase revenue and customer engagement and loyalty with LedgerPay’s payment intelligence.

Replix Data Fabric.png

Replix Data Fabric: Replix Data Fabric is a multi-region data replication service that supports multicloud deployment across any distance. Eliminate the operational complexity associated with setting up and maintaining a data replication infrastructure in your organization.

Return to Work Solution.png

Return to Work Solution: Cambay Digital’s Return to Work solution enables organizations to monitor the safety of their workforce by providing daily health assessments and COVID-19 screening for all employees.


ScrumOnDemand: ScrumOnDemand is a talent-sourcing and fulfilment platform that enables Eyon's enterprise partners to post project resource needs, which Elyon fulfills based on its global talent pool. Find the right talent for your organization's needs with ScrumOnDemand.

Stack Moxie.png

Stack Moxie: Stack Moxie on Microsoft Azure provides automated testing and monitoring for your organization's integrations and configurations. Ensure leads reach your sales team, emails do not contain broken links, analytics are tagged as expected, and more.

Story City Engagement Platform.png

Story City Engagement Platform: Story City is an engagement and economic development platform that gamifies real-world streets to deliver location-based storytelling. The solution geolocates experiential content locations to encourage outdoor activity and increase foot traffic and spending across cities.

The CloudLab Smart Azure Calculator.png

The CloudLab Smart Azure Calculator: Produce a detailed, accurate, and optimized Microsoft Azure migration business case in just a few hours with the CloudLab's Smart Azure Calculator. Significantly reduce your pre-sales costs and increase your success rate in winning Azure migration business.


TravelgateX: The TravelgateX global marketplace provides APIs that connect buyers and sellers across the travel industry. Connect to sellers, expand your inventory, and reach new customers with TravelgateX.

Tufin SecureCloud.png

Tufin SecureCloud: Tufin SecureCloud on Microsoft Azure enables security teams to gain visibility into their cloud security posture, establish security guardrails, and achieve continuous compliance without compromising the business benefits of cloud computing.

Vault - Secrets Management as a Service.png

Vault - Secrets Management as a Service: Vault can encrypt and decrypt arbitrary key/value secrets without storing them, allowing security teams to define encryption parameters and allowing developers to store encrypted data without having to design their own encryption methods.

Vendor On-boarding Autopilot.png

Vendor On-boarding Autopilot: Need to onboard new vendors for your business? Autopilot on Microsoft Azure facilitates the collection of vendor information and documents to help streamline the onboarding process.

Vital Knowledge - Knowledge Management Platform.png

Vital Knowledge - Knowledge Management Platform: Vital Knowledge connects people, knowledge, and ideas to increase your organization's intellectual capital and improve productivity, creativity, and competitiveness. This application is available only in Traditional Chinese.

Vormetric Data Security Manager v6.4.4.png

Vormetric Data Security Manager v6.4.4: The Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) from Thales eSecurity provisions and manages keys for Vormetric data security platform solutions. Efficiently address compliance requirements, regulatory mandates, and industry best practices with DSM.

WeDX ARM Template - IoT with Edge AI & Digital Twins.png

WeDX ARM Template - IoT with Edge AI & Digital Twins: offers this ARM template for its WeDX Server 5, an IoT solution that manages customizable edge AI and digital twins on Microsoft Azure. Features include IoT and edge device management, indoor maps for digital twins, and live video analytics management.

Consulting services

1-Day Master Data Management Workshop.png

1-Day Master Data Management Workshop: Master data management (MDM) capabilities are a key element of a successful Microsoft Azure data strategy. This free workshop from Agile Solutions will help you identify business use cases along with infrastructure and Azure architecture requirements for your MDM solution.

1-Day Product 360 Workshop.png

1-Day Product 360 Workshop: Product data management capabilities are a key element of a successful Microsoft Azure data strategy. Agile Solutions' free workshop will help you identify business use cases along with infrastructure and Azure architecture requirements for a customized Product 360 data management solution.

1-Day Supplier 360 Workshop.png

1-Day Supplier 360 Workshop: Supplier data management capabilities are a key element of a successful Microsoft Azure data strategy. Agile Solutions' free workshop will help you identify business use cases along with infrastructure and Azure architecture requirements for a customized Supplier 360 data management solution.

3fifty Cyber Security Assessment 5-Day Assessment.png

3fifty Cyber Security Assessment: 5-Day Assessment: In this five-day assessment, 3fifty will determine your organization's level of cloud security and identify technical vulnerabilities and relevant risks. Deliverables include a step-by-step plan to improve security across your organization. This service is available in Dutch.

3fifty Managed Security Services.png

3fifty Managed Security Services: Available in Dutch and English, 3fifty's managed SOC-as-a-service offering includes monitoring and management of your organization's Microsoft Azure security.

4-Hour Cloud Migration Assessment.png

4-Hour Cloud Migration Assessment: Squid Technologies offers this free cloud migration assessment of your organization’s IT environment and cloud readiness. Deliverables include a server readiness check, cloud adoption roadmap, and network assessment and mapping guidance.

5-Week Migration to Azure.png

5-Week Migration to Azure: This five-week migration offer from Genesis Technology will help your organization improve service availability and enhance system security by moving your applications and services to Microsoft Azure. This service is available in Traditional Chinese.

6-Week CAF Adopt Assessment.png

6-Week CAF Adopt Assessment: Accelerate your cloud adoption journey to Microsoft Azure with Alithya’s six-week assessment aligned with Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. Alithya will provide an in-depth Azure migration report, recommendations for app migration patterns, and a best-practices presentation.

AI Fast Start 10-Hour Workshop.png

AI Fast Start: 10-Hour Workshop: Wondering how you can use artificial intelligence to improve your business processes? Altitudo's AI Fast Start workshop will help you understand the benefits of AI and how the Azure AI platform can deliver a measurable competitive advantage.

AKS Migration 1-Week Assessment.png

AKS Migration: 1-Week Assessment: Assess your organization's cloud readiness and plan your application modernization and migration to Microsoft Azure and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in Canonical's one-week assessment. Accelerate time to market and drive agility with Azure and AKS.

Analytics with Azure Machine Learning 8-Week Implementation.png

Analytics with Azure Machine Learning: 8-Week Implementation: Available only in Portuguese, Blueshift Brazil’s offering aims to help you reduce costs and gain agility in your strategic decision-making with Azure Machine Learning Studio and Power BI.

AVS Pilot Accelerator 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

AVS Pilot Accelerator: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Phoenix Software's Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Pilot Accelerator will enable you to run your VMware workloads natively on Microsoft Azure. Manage your environment using familiar VMware tools while modernizing your applications with Azure-native services.

Azure Application Modernisation 5-Day Assessment.png

Azure Application Modernization: 5-Day Assessment: This application modernization assessment from Cloud Direct will provide you with an understanding of what's possible for your applications on Microsoft Azure. Get a roadmap of migration options along with optimization recommendations and solution paths.

Azure DevOps Quickstart 3-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure DevOps Quickstart: 3-Day Proof of Concept: Quickly launch your first application running on Microsoft Azure in Petabytz's DevOps quick-start proof of concept. Deliverables include a detailed overview of different Azure DevOps modules and components.

Azure Kubernetes for Dev 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Kubernetes for Dev: 1-Day Workshop: Learn how to access and navigate an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster, deploy an application to AKS, and monitor the application's status in Deep Network's one-day workshop.

Azure LifeCycle Solution - 8-Week Implementation.png

Azure LifeCycle Solution - 8-Week Implementation: Data#3 uses a five-step approach in its implementation offering to assess everything from network connectivity to security before considering migrating workloads to Microsoft Azure. Migrate and optimize workloads for the cloud and tap into Azure services to drive digital innovation.

Azure Migration Readiness 6-Week Assessment.png

Azure Migration Readiness: 6-Week Assessment: In this six-week server infrastructure assessment, Practical Solutions will analyze your organization's workload utilization and provide recommendations and cost projections for a migration to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Spring Cloud MVP Build & 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Spring Cloud: MVP Build & 4-Week Assessment: Kin + Carta will evaluate your organization's digital estate and assess your software development processes, then create a Spring Cloud instance on Microsoft Azure. Easily deploy Spring Boot-based Java microservices with Spring Cloud on Azure.

Azure SQL 3-Week Consulting & Implementation.png

Azure SQL: 3-Week Consulting & Implementation: Simplify the management of your big data environment by migrating SQL workloads from SQL Server to Microsoft Azure virtual machines. In this engagement, CROC will help you migrate your data-processing tools to Azure.

Azure VMware Solution 5-Day Workshops.png

Azure VMware Solution: 5-Day Workshop: Learn about the benefits of an Azure VMware Solution and get a range of solutions tailored to your needs along with an overview of how they can help your business in this workshop from Synapsys.

Azure Workload Migration 8-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Workload Migration: 8-Week Proof of Concept: Practical Solutions' proof of concept includes a server assessment to analyze workload utilization, migration recommendations, and cost projections as well as the migration of an IaaS workload or containerized application to Microsoft Azure.

Citrix on Azure Service 1-Hour Briefing.png

Citrix on Azure Service: 1-Hour Briefing: Looking to migrate, modernize, and transform your Citrix environments with Microsoft Azure? Cloud Direct's free briefing covers how to optimize costs, performance, and security when migrating Citrix workloads to Azure.

Cloud Migration Modernisation 4-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Migration Modernization: 4-Week Implementation: QuantiQ offers a cloud migration and modernization service to help you modernize your existing applications and tackle more extensive cloud migration projects. This offering includes a migration assessment, lift-and-shift migration to Microsoft Azure, and optimization.

Cybersecurity Solution Assessment 2-Week Assessment.png

Cybersecurity Solution Assessment: 2-Week Assessment: Waterleaf Digital's cybersecurity assessment includes a review of your organization's IT infrastructure and security-related policies and practices. Gain an understanding of your organization's compliance with security regulations and resilience against potential harm.

Data & BI Maturity Framework 6-Week Assessment.png

Data & BI Maturity Framework: 6-Week Assessment: Birlasoft's assessment framework will help you realign your technology roadmap from on-premises legacy data and BI systems to Microsoft Azure-based data and BI platform, including services such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI.

Data Lake on Azure 2-Hour Briefing.png

Data Lake on Azure: 2-Hour Briefing: Learn how to design, implement, and maintain a Microsoft Azure-based data platform solution tailored to your organization's needs in The unbelievable Machine Company's free briefing. Facilitate data-driven decision-making and generate more value across your organization.

Data Protections Engine 5-Day Proof of Concept.png

Data Protections Engine: 5-Day Proof of Concept: Built in Apache Spark and deployed to Microsoft Azure Databricks, Elastacloud's Data Protection Engine (DPE) helps ensure your business is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations. This proof of concept includes deployment of DPE to your environment.

Disaster Recovery as a Service 6-Week Assessment.png

Disaster Recovery as a Service: 6-Week Assessment: In this assessment, Performance Technologies will review your on-premises VMs and physically hosted application pool, then provide you with a plan for delivering an advanced backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity strategy on Microsoft Azure.

Facial Recognition Service 4-Week Implementation.png

Facial Recognition Service: 4-Week Implementation: Reduce business fraud with the implementation of Logic Studio's facial recognition service, available only in Spanish. Automatically verify the identity of your customers, suppliers, and collaborators with a solution powered by Azure Cognitive Services.

HPC in Azure 1-Hour Briefing.png

HPC on Azure: 1-Hour Briefing: Learn how high-performance computing (HPC) on Microsoft Azure can help boost performance across your organization in Cloud Direct's free one-hour briefing.

Insight Connected Platform 5-Week Implementation.png

Insight Connected Platform: 5-Week Implementation: This Microsoft Azure-based solution includes IoT sensors to help organizations safely reopen, stay open, and comply with organizational and governmental guidelines for preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Intelligent Data Lakehouse 10-Week implementation.png

Intelligent Data Lakehouse: 10-Week implementation: Based on Microsoft Azure big data and analytics technologies, OpenSistemas' Intelligent Data Lakehouse implementation is designed to help you eliminate data silos, gain actionable insights, optimize costs, and more. This service is available in Spanish.

Kinetics Azure Lighthouse Managed Service.png

Kinetics Azure Lighthouse Managed Service: Kinetics' managed services for Microsoft Azure will help you transition from an on-premises infrastructure and learn about the benefits of a cloud-first business. Managed service offerings include Azure subscription monitoring and management, VM management, backup management, and more.

Lift & Shift to the Cloud - 10-Week implementation.png

Lift & Shift to the Cloud - 10-Week Implementation: In this 10-week engagement, 3fifty will migrate your existing development, test, or production environments from VMWare or Hyper-V to Microsoft Azure infrastructure as a service.

Managed Azure Sentinel 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Managed Azure Sentinel: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Learn about a comprehensive approach to event collection and collation, threat detection, risk analysis, and reporting for your organization in Interactive's free Managed Azure Sentinel proof of concept.

Managed Cloud Platform Protection (Zero Trust).png

Managed Cloud Platform Protection (Zero Trust): Based on the zero-trust approach, ASAPCLOUD's Managed Hybrid Cloud Platform Protection is a managed service that protects hybrid Microsoft Azure infrastructures. Protect your infrastructure with server hardening, encryption, vulnerability management, and more.

Managed Detection and Response.png

Managed Detection and Response: ASAPCLOUD's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response.

Managed Identity and Access (Zero Trust).png

Managed Identity and Access (Zero Trust): Based on the zero-trust approach, ASAPCLOUDs Managed Identity and Access service manages Microsoft Azure security controls for your organization, including Azure Active Directory, Azure Active Directory multi-factor authentication, and Microsoft Intune.

Managed Windows Virtual Desktop.png

Managed Windows Virtual Desktop: ASAPCLOUD provides end-to-end Windows Virtual Desktop implementation and fully managed cloud desktop service on Microsoft Azure, including monitoring, automation, and incident management with a 24x7 service desk.

Microsoft Azure Assessment 1-Day Assessment.png

Microsoft Azure Assessment: 1-Day Assessment: Are you looking to explore all the benefits of Microsoft Azure but aren't sure where to start? Let ZiAAS advise you on how to bring cost transparency, governance, and operational excellence to the cloud.

Migrate to the Cloud 1-Hour Workshop.png

Migrate to the Cloud: 1-Hour Workshop: Claranet's public cloud experts will help you optimize, manage, and monitor your systems on Microsoft Azure. In this one-hour workshop, Claranet will gain an understanding of your Azure migration challenges and needs. This offer is available only in French.

PM Data Platform Build 8-Week Implementation.png

PM Data Platform Build: 8-Week Implementation: Providing analytics as a service and implementing a custom Microsoft Azure data analytics platform, Intrava helps property management companies consolidate their data and derive actionable insights from disparate data systems.

Solution Assessment App Modernization 4 Weeks.png

Solution Assessment App Modernization: 4 Weeks: Billennium can help you understand your current environment and recommend next steps toward the cloud. This assessment will identify and prioritize applications for migration to Microsoft Azure.

Strategic Digital Roadmap (TMC) 1-Day Workshop.png

Strategic Digital Roadmap (TMC): 1-Day Workshop: The All for One Group will provide you with a thorough overview of your digitalization approaches as well as a strategic digitalization roadmap. This service is available only in German.

SyncLect AI 10-Week Proof of Concept.png

SyncLect AI: 10-Week Proof of Concept: Available only in Japanese, Headwaters’ platform can be linked to AI, IoT, robots, web pages, apps, and chatbots to help accelerate AI development and improve operational and scalability across your organization.

We OPTIMISE Your Infrastructure.png

We OPTIMISE Your Infrastructure: ASAPCLOUD can manage advanced Microsoft Azure solutions for you, including Azure Monitor, Azure Security Center, Azure Automation, and Azure Arc. This offering is based on four pillars: availability, configuration, performance, and security.

Windows Virtual Desktop 1-Day Workshop.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 1-Day Workshop: Offering a custom evaluation of the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop, Synapsys will cover how to best address Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure along with the value you can obtain.

Windows Virtual Desktop 1-Day Workshop (Insight).png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 1-Day Workshop: Insight will help you get familiar with Windows Virtual Desktop, provide a demo, and determine your next steps. The workshop will cover use cases, pricing, adoption models, best practices, and reference architecture.

Windows Virtual Desktop 2-Day Proof of Concept.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 2-Day Proof of Concept: Insight will help you test your design, document feedback about performance, and analyze your experiences with Windows Virtual Desktop. You will create a small-scale demonstration in your environment.

Windows Virtual Desktop 3-Week Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 3-Week Implementation: Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud. Softlanding will develop a proof of concept and deploy and support your Windows Virtual Desktop environment.

Windows Virtual Desktop 10 day implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 10-Day implementation: Asurgent will install your applications in Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure. The service includes a workshop, setup, deploying virtual machines, and configuring Windows Virtual Desktop access to Azure Active Directory.

Windows Virtual Desktop 1-Day Workshop (Insight).png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 10-Day Implementation: Access Windows 10 desktops and apps securely from anywhere on any device. Insight will create a specially provisioned Windows Virtual Desktop landing zone tailored to your needs.

Windows Virtual Desktop 10-Day POC.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 10-Day Proof of Concept: With a deep level of cloud expertise, Codec can help Irish companies drive digital transformation. This proof of concept will deploy a minimum of 25 virtual desktops, allowing you to validate the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop.

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