Azure Marketplace new offers – April 20, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 125 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Choreo Internal Developer Platform.PNG

Choreo Internal Developer Platform: This full lifecycle, cloud-native application development platform from WSO2 lets you create, deploy, run, and govern APIs, integrations, and microservices on Kubernetes, to enable organization-wide productivity via an array of self-service features.

Evelyn by WorkFusion Name Sanction Screening and Adverse Media Monitoring.png

Evelyn by WorkFusion: Name Sanction Screening and Adverse Media Monitoring: Evelyn is a digital analyst, designed to protect your organization from sanctioned or risky relationships by reviewing alerts for screened organizations and associated individuals.

FTP Server Minimal on Debian 10.png

FTP Server Minimal on Debian 10: Tidal Media offers a minimized FTP server, fully preconfigured on Debian 10. It provides only the tools required for the server to function properly, decreasing the use of system resources while you easily host files of any size and control where your data is stored.

FTP Server Minimal on Debian 11.png

FTP Server Minimal on Debian 11: With Tidal Media’s minimal FTP server on Debian 11, you’ll enjoy robust security features like support for SFTP and SSL/TLS to help protect your files during transfer. Its design and fast, reliable performance are ideal for organizations needing efficient and secure transfers.

Pascal AI-Powered Compliance Support Platform.png

Pascal: AI-Powered Compliance Support Platform: Pascal is a unique compliance and risk decision support tool used to screen and continuously monitor contacts and the companies they work for. Use it to stay compliant with KYC (Know Your Customer) and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) requirements.

Tara by WorkFusion Payment Sanctions Screening Alert Review.png

Tara by Workfusion: Payment Sanctions Screening Alert Review: Tara is a digital transaction screening analyst, designed to protect your organization from sanctioned or risky client relationships by reviewing transaction alerts using different sanction lists.

Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform.png

Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform: Whatfix provides in-app interactive guides and walkthroughs for user onboarding and training. It integrates seamlessly, providing information and guidance in context for an enhanced user experience that immediately increases individual learning capacity.

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4wardPRO One-Click Disaster Recovery.PNG

4wardPRO One-Click Disaster Recovery: One-Click Disaster Recovery from 4wardPRO lets you activate effective disaster recovery plans and quickly restore IT services to minimize the business impact of incidents. This solution is only available in Italian.

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Journey with Generative AI 1-Day Workshop.PNG

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Journey with Generative AI: 1-Day Workshop: Revolutionize your business with UST’s Generative AI and ChatGPT. You’ll gain insights from your applied AI use cases and receive a personalized plan to implement Generative AI for your business.

Advanced Microservices and Micro Frontend Software Development.PNG

Advanced Microservices and Micro Frontend Software Development: Mobiik builds solutions based on microservices and micro frontends to help you optimize modern applications and improve your digital experience. This consulting service is only available in Spanish.

Application Empowered by Azure OpenAI Service 2-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Application Empowered by Azure OpenAI Service: 2-Week Proof of Concept: This service from Onex Group is designed to help you explore and leverage the power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI and its technologies like GPT-4. In it, you’ll have the chance to develop a generative AI application.

Azure DevOps Accelerator 3-Day Workshop.PNG

Azure DevOps Accelerator: 3-Day Workshop: This workshop from TierPoint helps cloud and development teams bring modern DevOps practices to cloud offerings by using GitHub Enterprise, Microsoft Azure DevOps, and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Azure OpenAI Ideation 2-Week Workshop.PNG

Azure OpenAI Ideation: 2-Week Workshop: Elitmind’s rapid ideation process can quickly introduce you to Microsoft Azure OpenAI and how to implement it effectively and responsibly in your organization. With it, you can get more done, faster, through rapid prototyping and quicker time to market.

Azure Stack HCI 10-Week Implementation.PNG

Azure Stack HCI: 10-Week Implementation: SoftServe will install Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and deploy your workload to a cluster. Azure Stack HCI is a hyperconverged infrastructure cluster solution that hosts virtualized Windows and Linux workloads and their storage in a hybrid infrastructure.

Azure Virtual Desktop Deployment in a Box.PNG

Azure Virtual Desktop in a Box: 2-Week Deployment: Dynapt will study your current system environment and configuration across departments and gather requirements before installing Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, assigning desktops to users, and gathering feedback and concerns.

Azure Virtual Desktop 4-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Proof of Concept: TierPoint will quickly and efficiently implement Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop for up to 20 users in your organization, using optimal configurations and best practices developed by experts in user experience virtualization.

Azure Well-Architected Review 3-Day Immersive Workshop.PNG

Azure Well-Architected Review: 3-Day Immersive Workshop: This workshop from TierPoint focuses on analyzing your infrastructure architecture and delivering a comprehensive plan for optimizing your Microsoft Azure environment and operations, including gap analysis based on critical risks.

Cloud PC on Azure 4-Week Consulting and Proof of Concept.PNG

Cloud PC on Azure: 4-Week Consulting and Proof of Concept: LG CNS provides consulting and a proof of concept for customers considering adopting cloud PCs based on Microsoft Azure. This service is only available in Korean.

Cloud POS 4-Week Implementation.PNG

CloudPOS: 4-Week Implementation: Mediasoft Data Systems Limited’s CloudPOS is a comprehensive cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution for retailers, restaurants, and service providers, designed to simplify and streamline the sales process, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience.

Cloud Scale Analytics 4-Hour Readiness Workshop.PNG

Cloud Scale Analytics: 4-Hour Readiness Workshop: In this workshop, Centrilogic will perform a high-level assessment of your data estate and recommend next steps for accelerating your journey to cloud scale analytics, aligned to your current data strategy goals and vision.

Cloud Services 2-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Cloud Services: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Mobiik offers cloud services to accelerate your digital transformation, offering a scalable and secure cloud platform to get your applications to market faster without worrying about infrastructure. This service is only available in Spanish.

Cosmos DB Accelerator 2-Week Implementation.PNG

Cosmos DB Accelerator: 2-Week Implementation: The Cosmos DB Accelerator from Slalom allows their developers to migrate data and provides a SQL API-based code sample to jump start development with the goal of demonstrating Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, a NoSQL database.

Data and Artificial Intelligence 2-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Data and Artificial Intelligence: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Using Microsoft Azure, Mobiik can provide a single, trusted view of each customer including their name, address, contact information, gender, and interactions with your company. This service is only available in Spanish.

Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials 3-Month Implementation.PNG

Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials: 3-Month Implementation: The Persistent Digital Identity wallet lets industries and governments with diverse sets of users bootstrap an identity system and leverage existing trust relationships while giving users complete control of their credentials.

Defend Against Threats with SIEM and XDR Workshop.PNG

Defend Against Threats with SIEM and XDR: Workshop: Review security goals, identify threats in your cloud environment, and develop a strategic security plan for your organization based on Microsoft 365 and Sentinel in this workshop from Shaping Cloud.

Demand Forecasting 5-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Demand Forecasting: 5-Week Proof of Concept: MAQ Software will empower you to make data-driven decisions so you can stay ahead of demand and avoid stockouts and overproduction. MAQ’s comprehensive approach uses Microsoft Azure machine learning solutions to drive results.

Devoteam M Cloud Identity Security 5-Week Implementation.PNG

Devoteam M Cloud: Identity Security: 5-Week Implementation: Improve your company’s identity security with a Zero Trust identity protection solution from Devoteam. This implementation is available in Denmark and Sweden.

Devoteam M Cloud Unified Data Governance 3-Month Implementation.PNG

Devoteam M Cloud: Unified Data Governance: 3-Month Implementation: Devoteam will implement Microsoft Purview as part of a comprehensive set of data management solutions to help you govern, protect, and manage your data estate. This implementation is available in Denmark and Sweden.

DevSecOps Implementation.PNG

DevSecOps Implementation: Sii sp. z oo will help you extend the functionality of Microsoft Azure DevOps and Microsoft Defender for Cloud DevOps to secure your CI/CD pipeline. Enjoy improved code security through automated tests and the elimination of unsafe libraries.

Digital Performance Management 2-Hour Workshop.png

Digital Performance Management: 2-Hour Workshop: Digital performance monitoring helps drive efficiency through maximizing the performance of business-critical applications. In this workshop, Atos provides a solution covering the entire application delivery chain across every type of hosting.

Dot Market - An NFT Marketplace.png

DotsMarket - An NFT Marketplace: DotsMarket is an NFT marketplace that uses the Binance network to provide a seamless and secure buying and selling experience. With it, you can easily create and trade both batch and single NFTs, with buy and sell options as well as auctions.

DotPay - A Payment Processor for Cryptocurrency.png

DotPay - A Payment Processor for Cryptocurrency: DotPay is a payment processing platform that uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and reliable digital currency payment experience. It is designed with a smart contract-based architecture for cryptocurrency sharing and distribution.

Dynamics Data Boost.png

Dynamics Data Boost: 54cuatro offers a custom solution based on Microsoft Dynamics to help your organization improve business operations, sales, production, inventory, and more so you can gain new business insights and find hidden trends. This service is available in Spanish.

EC2 to Azure Assessment and Migration.png

EC2 to Azure Assessment and Migration: If you’re one of the many enterprises planning to migrate from EC2 to Microsoft Azure, Lotus Beta Analytics can transfer your workloads. Enjoy Azure’s hybrid cloud capabilities and connect on-premises datacenters to the cloud.

Entra Verified ID 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Entra Verified ID: 4-Week Proof of Concept: To help organizations prove the value of using Entra Verified ID and guide their ongoing digital journey, ITC Secure and Condatis offer a proof of value (POV) to demonstrate multiple capabilities within your environment.

ERP Nitro Data Accelerator 4- to 8-Week Implementation.png

ERP Nitro Data Accelerator: 4- to 8-Week Implementation: With Valorem Reply’s ERP Nitro Data Accelerator, you can use advanced analytics tools to make better decisions with large volumes of data. Reduce deployment teams, decrease consumption costs, and increase your trust in data.

Fintech Azure Landing Zone Accelerator 5-Week Implementation.png

Fintech Azure Landing Zone Accelerator: 5-Week Implementation: Yobah will work with you and your key stakeholders to deliver an enterprise scale landing zone within your Microsoft Azure environment, writing all relevant scripts and pipelines. This implementation includes an extensive 6-month warranty.

FMDK Azure Managed Services.png

FMDK: Managed Services for Azure: Fellowmind Denmark provides everything needed to establish a robust, mature, and scalable Microsoft Azure platform including governance and security, with minimal effort. This code-based solution includes an integrated service catalog and documentation.

Forecasting and Dynamic Pricing.png

Forecasting and Dynamic Pricing: This microservice from Eleks combines a price recommender and the expected revenue and turnover so you can understand future consumption. It recommends the most suitable price changes according to the dynamic environment.

Infrastructure Level Up 3-Week Implementation.png

Infrastructure Level Up: 3-Week Implementation: ProServeIT can help you migrate to Microsoft Azure to build a resilient infrastructure and improve your business continuity and disaster recovery. Enjoy hundreds of cloud services and support for many different tools, including third-party software.

Intelligent CX Conversational AI Exploration 30-Day Workshop.png

Intelligent CX Conversational AI Exploration: 30-Day Workshop: Customer loyalty is earned through exceptional customer experiences (CX). The CDW Intelligent CX team can show you how to use Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Bot Framework, and Virtual Agent as part of a conversational AI.

Intelligent Inspection Framework 12-Week Proof of Concept.png

Intelligent Inspection Framework: 12-Week Proof of Concept: Capegemini will deliver a proof of concept that uses computer graphics and gaming techniques to generate realistic visuals to train computer vision models and guide visual gathering mechanisms like drones to navigate and inspect the space.

Licensing Optimization Service for Azure 8- to 10-Week Implementation.png

Licensing Optimization Service for Azure: 8- to 10-Week Implementation: Collaborate with Crayon’s licensing specialists to understand your Microsoft Azure environment and its licensing status. They’ll optimize your IT estate to free up resources and recommend the most cost-effective services.

Life Verification for Customer Onboarding and Fraud Detection 8-Week Implementation.png

Life Verification for Customer Onboarding and Fraud Detection: 8-Week Implementation: Available in Spanish, this service from 54cuatro deploys Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to leverage biometric analysis, preventing fraud related to customer identity.

Low Code Applications 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

Low Code Applications: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Available in Spanish, this engagement from Mobiik will show you how even staff with little or no coding skills can build useful apps on Microsoft Azure. Reduce costs with flexible, efficient tools that can be updated without extensive code regressions.

Machine Learning and AI Development 1-Day Workshop.png

Machine Learning and AI Development: 1-Day Workshop: Available in German, this workshop from celver will introduce you to machine learning and artificial intelligence, and ways to implement intelligent solutions in Microsoft Azure, from the first steps to complex system architecture.

Marketing Mix Optimization 6-Week Proof of Concept.png

Marketing Mix Optimization: 6-Week Proof of Concept: MAQ Software can develop a comprehensive solution to achieve your marketing goals and drive results, with a solution based on Microsoft Azure that will consolidate, visualize, and comprehend historical marketing spending.

Matching Engine.png

Matching Engine: Spanish Point’s Matching Engine is an enterprise business system for copyright management organizations. Incorporating key business functions, it’s a fully cloud native solution that supports repertoire management, data ingestions, use, distribution, and membership services.

Media Analytics Using Video Indexer 8-Week Implementation.png

Media Analytics Using Video Indexer: 8-Week Implementation: MAQ Software will help you revolutionize your media strategy with Microsoft Azure Video Indexer by extracting insights and valuable data from your video, including transcripts, significant moments, emotion, and keywords.

Microsoft Purview Data Catalog MVP 10-Week Implementation.png

Microsoft Purview Data Catalog MVP: 10-Week Implementation: Jumpstart your data governance with automated data discovery, classification, and end-to-end data lineage. This offer from Spyglass MTG focuses on establishing the foundation for data governance with Microsoft Purview.

Microsoft Sentinel Consulting.png

Microsoft Sentinel Consulting: Available in Germany, this workshop from Computacenter will introduce you to the features and benefits of Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-based security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) system.

Microsoft Sentinel Managed Service Implementation.png

Microsoft Sentinel Managed Service Implementation: Safeguard your organization with a managed threat monitoring and incident response service from Kocho. Available in Ireland and the United Kingdom, this service is built around Microsoft Sentinel and typically takes four weeks to implement.

ML Forecasting for FMCG 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

ML Forecasting for FMCG: 4-Week Proof of Concept: The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry requires you to be able to accurately forecast to stay ahead of global competition. MAQ Software can help you implement a forecasting model quickly and efficiently to propel your business further.

ML Forecasting for Retail 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

ML Forecasting for Retail: 4-Week Proof of Concept: MAQ Software’s 4-week program is designed to help retail businesses improve demand forecasting accuracy and drive better results, using Microsoft Azure machine learning solutions like Azure Machine Learning Studio and Azure Databricks.

ML Model Migration to Azure 10-Week Implementation.png

ML Model Migration to Azure: 10-Week Implementation: MAQ Software will migrate your machine learning (ML) models to Microsoft Azure to help streamline your data science workflows and easily integrate with other Azure services.

MLOps 10-Week Implementation.png

MLOps: 10-Week Implementation: MAQ Software provides a comprehensive MLOps solution using Microsoft Azure tools and services, enabling development, deployment, and management of machine learning models at scale.

Modern Data Warehouse with Azure Synapse Analytics 1-Day Workshop.png

Modern Data Warehouse with Azure Synapse Analytics: 1-Day Workshop: Available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, this workshop from celver will show you how Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics can be used to build a modern analytics platform quickly, easily, and securely.

OpenAI Jumpstart Workshop.png

OpenAI Jumpstart Workshop: Neudesic’s ideation workshop and innovation assets can accelerate the design and deployment of high-value artificial intelligence (AI) use cases. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services and the requirements to build impactful solutions.

OpenAI Solutioning and Optimization 2-Hour Workshop.png

OpenAI Solutioning and Optimization: 2-Hour Workshop: Experts from Crayon will introduce you to Microsoft Azure OpenAI and show you how to synthesize your business needs and build a strategic roadmap for your enterprise’s AI deployment.

Operationalization of Machine Learning Models 8-Week Implementation.png

Operationalization of Machine Learning Models: 8-Week Implementation: If you have a use case for machine learning but need help determining the next steps, msg systems can provide an MLOps solution with Microsoft Azure. This offer is available in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Oracle to Azure Database Migration for MySQL.png

Oracle to Azure Database Migration for MySQL: LBAN-Migra is a service from Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria that helps enterprise/SMC organizations migrate on-premises licensed Oracle RDBMS to Microsoft Azure MySQL, accelerating the process through progressive automation.

Product Recommendations in Retail 4-Week Implementation.png

Product Recommendations in Retail: 4-Week Implementation: Improve your user experience by implementing a product recommendation engine and stay competitive in the retail landscape with this implementation from MAQ Software.

Red Canary Microsoft Sentinel Workshop.png

Red Canary Microsoft Sentinel Workshop: Get an overview of Microsoft Sentinel along with insights on active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments with this workshop from Red Canary that includes planning of next steps and hands on experience discovering and analyzing threats.

SAP on Azure.png

SAP on Azure: SAP customers preparing to migrate to Microsoft Azure face a complex undertaking thanks to legacy networks. PetaBytz has proven expertise in SAP workload assessment and migration to help develop an effective strategy for migration, ensuring business continuity and high availability.

Securing Identities 4-Day Workshop.png

Securing Identities: 4-Day Workshop: This workshop from NTT Data will help you assess the maturity of your identity estates and define clear next steps and the best ways to mitigate identity-related risks. You’ll gain insights into your application landscape and improve your identity security posture.

Securing Multi-Cloud Environments.png

Securing Multi-Cloud Environments: Insight will help strengthen your security posture across multi-cloud and hybrid environments with contextual security, fully assessing your environments to design and deploy an instance of Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Security Package 2-Day Discovery Workshop.png

Security Package: 2-Day Discovery Workshop: Diyar United offers a service package designed to work with Microsoft Sentinel to give visibility over your organization’s security infrastructure. Learn how this package, coupled with Diyar CSOC services, ensures you’ll have real-time control of security.

SEMPERIS Corporate Identity Protection 12-Month Implementation.png

SEMPERIS Corporate Identity Protection: 12-Month Implementation: ASI offers an automatic response approach to attacks based on identity before, during, and after attacks, including continuously minimizing attack surfaces. This offer is only available in French.

SQL Server Migration Consulting Service 1-Hour Briefing.png

SQL Server Migration Consulting Service: 1-Hour Briefing: Present will provide a one-hour consultation to analyze your infrastructure and understand your needs so you can upgrade and migrate any on-premises version of SQL Server to a solution on Microsoft Azure. This briefing is available in Italian.

UXUI Design 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

UX/UI Design: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Using Microsoft Azure, Mobiik can provide a secure, scalable environment with advanced data analysis and visualization tools to make it easier to make data-driven decisions. This proof of concept is only available in Spanish.

Workload Cloud Migration and Modernization.png

Workload Cloud Migration and Modernization: Available in Canada, Cofomo’s structured approach to cloud migration and app modernization will help you achieve your cloud adoption objectives with confidence.

Xamun AI-Powered Development Using Microsoft Azure.png

Xamun AI-Powered Development Using Microsoft Azure: Through its software development accelerator powered by AI, automation, and open-source libraries, Xamun lowers the risks involved in software development and realizes savings compared to outsourcing full-code development.

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Azure Well-Architected Review

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CMS to Static Website (Hugo) Migration: 3-Hour Briefing

Cortex EIP Version 1.3

Data and AI Financial Opportunity Assessment

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Government to Citizen Access G2C UNIFYTrust

Historic Traffic Patterns

Information Governance Data Migration to Azure: 1-Hour Briefing

Java Application Modernization Assessment: 4-Week Engagement

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Lumen Azure Assessment and Migration

Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure: 1-Day Briefing

MLOps: 2-Week Assessment

Mobile App Innovation in Healthcare: 4-Hour Briefing

NetWitness Platform XDR

Niagara Data Service

Nous BizTalk to Azure Migration Framework: 2-Week Assessment

Onevinn MDR for IoT/OT

Product Recommendations in Retail: 1-Week Assessment Gateway

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SendQuick Cloud

Softel Phone System Admin

Storware Backup and Recovery

Submittable CSR Employee Giving

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Survey Eyes

SUSE Enterprise Linux for SAP 15 SP4 Hardened with Continuous Support

Sustainability and Energy Management

Targetty Financial Planning and Reporting

Taurus HSM Digital Assets Custody Solution

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