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We uploaded organization data, and we have managers who has 9+ direct reports (uploaded in org data and licenced). However they still can not see some of the people in their teams,  in the teams, viva insights application in the direct reports. 

What can be the problem?



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Hi @Tyler1885, this is a common misconception - but Manager Insights does not grant managers the ability to see how their individual team members are collaborating. This is by design to protect employee privacy. 



Here is more information about Team (Manager) Insights: 


Also if you are curious please read these articles for more information about Viva Insights general privacy rules.

@Jake_Caddes thank you Jake. Client is not willing to see individual employee data. However the problem is, we have uploaded org data. We have managers in the org data file , who has 8-9 people reporting to them (in the org file) . However in teams viva insights, under settings, under direct reports list; we see the names of 5-6 of them but some names are missing. And they use teams and outlook for collaboration. 

Hi @esra760, Manager Insights can only be turned on for managers with 10+ direct/indirect reports. Your managers with 8-9 reports would not count as qualified managers and thus would not be able to see team insights for their teams. 

@Jake_Caddes from the link you shared, it is not very clear of it is a manager with 10

reports or 9. Because in the link you shared, there is picture of a manager with 9

reports which makes total of 10 with the manager. And the picture says he is eligable. So can you confirm if the team size is 10 excluding the manager? 
my second question is from viva teams app. People with direct reports can not see the names of the whole team ( from viva insights settings—> direct reports section, not their individual data) although these people are uploaded in the org data) we are wondering what might be the problem. 

Hi @esra760,


Please review this link: Configure manager settings | Microsoft Learn

In the first section "About Manager Insights" the minimum team size is explicitly stated at 10, and that means 9 (or more reports) + the manager to equal 10 total on the team. Those can be both direct and/or indirect reports but a manager is only qualified if they have a minimum of 9 reports.


I think I stated this in a previous answer on this thread, but it is by design that your managers cannot see the names of their direct reports. At no point on any Insights related tool (Advanced Insights, Manager Insights, Organization Insights) will someone (be it a Manager, Admin, Analyst, Leader) ever be able to see a name of an employee in the tool. Please see this section: 



You can see screenshot of where they see the pictures and names of direct reports. I hide the names and pictures. This is viva insights app in teams, under viva insights settings. 




I understand what you are getting at now. My apologies I thought you were looking for the individuals' collaboration histories. There may be a bug with your system or possibly some issues with the uploaded HR file and ManagerID is not translating properly. I would first double check that the HR file is up to date with the proper ManagerIDs filled in for the employees that are not showing up as direct reports.

If that doesn't work your best bet is to have your admin open a ticket with support who will be able to look into your data specifically and pinpoint the problem.