Microsoft Intune ending support for Android device administrator on devices with GMS in August 2024
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Back in 2020, Google deprecated Android device administrator management, and has been encouraging moving off of device administrator since 2017. Google continues to remove device administrator management capabilities and they no longer provide fixes or improvements. Due to these changes, as mentioned in MC674247 and MC726113, Microsoft Intune will be ending support for device administrator management on devices with access to Google Mobile Services (GMS), beginning August 30, 2024. Until that time, we’ll continue supporting device administrator management on devices running Android 14 or earlier. For devices without GMS access, Intune will maintain device administrator support on Android 15 and earlier past August 30, 2024.


Impact of ending support


For devices with access to GMS

After Intune ends support for Android device administrator, devices with access to GMS will be impacted in the following ways: 

  1. Users won’t be able to enroll devices with Android device administrator.
  2. Intune won’t make changes or updates to Android device administrator management, such as bug fixes, security fixes, or fixes to address changes in new Android versions.
  3. Intune technical support will no longer support these devices.


For devices without access to GMS

Microsoft Teams certified Android devices will be migrated to Android Open Source Project (AOSP) management in Intune with a firmware update in the first half of the 2024 calendar year. Policies will not be migrated automatically, so IT admins will need to create the appropriate new policies for AOSP management. You can read more about this in the Microsoft 365 or the Microsoft Intune admin center Message center under MC665936.


For all other devices without GMS access running Android 15 or earlier, Intune will continue allowing device administrator enrollment and will maintain limited support, since Android Enterprise management is unavailable to these devices. Device administrator is not recommended for these devices, since Google’s device administrator deprecation could impact functionality in the future. Refer to the following section for recommended device management alternatives.


Alternatives to Android device administrator

Intune offers many alternatives to device administrator that provide rich functionality for the many different scenarios for which you use device administrator today. Our recommendations depend on device ownership and whether the device has access to GMS. You may want to review the list of countries where Android Enterprise is available. The list below provides suggested alternate management methods for common device administrator use cases.


Identifying device administrator devices

You can check your Intune reporting to see which devices and users may be affected. Go to Devices > All devices and filter the OS column to Android (device administrator) to see the list of devices.



The Intune Android product team is here to support you through this transition. If you have feedback on this change, you can send it to them directly by filling out this feedback form, leaving a comment on this post or reaching out on Twitter @IntuneSuppteam.


Stay tuned to this blog for updates! We’ll provide more information about the changes as it becomes available.


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04/15/24: Updated post that for devices without GMS access, Intune will maintain device administrator support on Android 15 and earlier past August 30, 2024.

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