Microsoft 365 Could be your Virtual Office

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You could setup virtual company using Microsoft 365 and stay productive and continue your works even when your employees are working remotely. I would like to present mapping between working in physical company location and working remotely using Microsoft 365 services:


Physical Company Microsoft 365 Services
Forms we need to fill up for our day to day tasks Microsoft Forms 
Meeting rooms, our office desk, group meeting, all sort of communication  Microsoft Teams 
Place where we share and store our documents or space to have our collaborate documentation  SharePoint
If you need to build 3D virtual office and walk so you feel like you are really at office SharePoint Spaces
You want to manage your tasks and teams remotely Microsoft Planner
When your customers want to book appointment with your company  Microsoft Booking 
You want to build your own small company video portal where your employees are the stars Microsoft Stream
Your company's announcement board  Yammer 
See how well you adjust we remote working  Microsoft MyAnalytics 
Mails, letter and notice sent by post  Microsoft Outlook


We are experiencing new world with cloud and we could work and stay productive which we might not be physically present in office.


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