August in HLS – Healthcare Shorts, Machine Learning, and More
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Welcome to the monthly Healthcare and Life Sciences blog recap, August edition! Check out the highlights below: 


Healthcare Shorts

  • Medication Adherence Model: Learn how to leverage medication adherence analytics to adjust care managers’ intervention strategies. Learn more here.
  • Rounding for Patient Experience: See how clinicians can capture patient details and drive actions from a single mobile application. See the video here.


Purview - Paint by Numbers

  • Compliance Manager: See how you can leverage Compliance Manager features. See the post here.
  • Run an Assessment: See how to run an assessment using Compliance Manager. Read the post.
  • Improvement Actions: Learn the different ways to reach the improvement actions section of an assessment and how to apply the recommendations. See the steps here.


Machine Learning

  • GitHub Codespaces and Machine Learning: See how you can set up GitHub Codespaces to deploy, test, and run a machine learning environment without having to set up a local machine. Learn more here.
  • Trying out Machine Learning: Do you want to try out machine learning but are unsure where to start? This article outlines machine learning resources and key takeaways. Read the post here.



  • Social Media, Azure Synapse and PowerBI: See how you can load and process data sources like Twitter through Azure Synapse and then Analyze and Visualize the data through PowerBI to identify trends. See how here.
  • Data Science for Merged FHIR and PacBio VCF Data on Azure Machine Learning Notebooks: This article demonstrates merged clinical and genomics patient data. Read more here.
  • Azure SQL DB Turbo Button using Power Apps: Learn how to leverage the Power Apps Turbo button to scale up and down the memory and compute of your Azure SQL database. See the video here.  
  • Secrets from Azure Key Vault: See how Azure Key Vault can help you keep your connection strings and secrets secure. Watch the video here.


Microsoft Viva

  • Personalize Modern Intranet with Viva Connections: See how you can deliver personalized content using Audiences in Viva Connections. Learn more here.



  • Set Up a Personal Site with SharePoint Communications: Do you have a personal site at work for sharing information, building personal brand, centralizing the sharing of documents, blogging/vlogging/podcasting, and more? Leverage the power of SharePoint Communication sites and enhance your internal presence today. Learn more here.


Power BI

  • Becoming an Expert on Gateways: Register for the upcoming live webinar covering all things data gateways. Sign up here.


Dynamics 365

  • Universal Resource Management: Search for practitioners, route messages, and manage queues in healthcare scenarios with Dynamics 365. Learn how here.


HLS Show Me How

  • Outlook in Teams: Learn how to build an app for Outlook in Teams. Learn more here.



August's HLS Blog Contributors:



Michael Gannotti, Principal Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams


Greg Beaumont, Senior Technical Specialist, Intelligence


Shelly Avery, Senior Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams

daniel kim.jpg

Daniel Kim, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Health and Life Sciences

Maggie Beyer.jpg

Maggie Beyer, Senior Technical Specialist, Power BI


Erdal Cosgun, Senior Data & Applied Scientist


James Havens, Senior Technical Specialist, Compliance


Anshika Goyal, Senior Customer Success Manager


Jim Warner, Senior Teams Technical Specialist

andrew redmond.jfif

Andrew Redman, Cloud Solution Architect

MJ Schanne.jpg

MJ Schanne, Senior Cloud Solution Architect

Matt Anderson.jfif

Matthew Anderson, Healthcare Solution Architect



Thanks for reading and let us know how else our Microsoft team can help!




Erin Spencer, Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams


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