Personalize Modern Intranet and Viva Connections using Audiences
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I’ve been speaking to many of my customers lately about modernizing their intranets and Viva Connections. Almost every single one of them tells me that they are experiencing a lack of adoption of one of their main organizational communication tools – their intranet. The most common reason cited is that their users struggle to find information relevant to them and they stop using it. While I can’t say that if you build a better intranet, they will come. But if you leverage audiences and Viva Connections in a mindful way, it’s a good chance that they’ll get the content they need just by visiting the intranet site. 

Simply put, audiences are just a collection of users. An audience can be based on a person’s attributes, such as who they report to, their job title or what location they work in. Or any combination of that. You can have many different audiences and users can be a part of one or more audiences. Of course, you’ll want to put thought into defining your audiences and their preferences, but once you do that, you’ll be able to target your users with navigational links, pages, news, certain web parts, and individual adaptive cards available in the Viva Connections Dashboard. As an example, I might create an audience that has all the clinicians at a certain facility in it. Once I do this, I can then target this group of users with news specific to them, or the café menu for that facility they work out of, or the holiday schedule, or their shift information, or EHR information like the list of patients on their floor they are assigned to.


In this video I’ll show you how to:

  • Where in SP Admin to create audiences
  • Enable audience on the intranet’s Site Pages library
  • Enable audience on the News Web Part
  • Enable audience on Events Web Part
  • Create news post with audience applied
  • Create event with audience applied
  • Apply an audience to a card in Viva Connections Dashboard


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