360’ Virtual Tours - HLS Show Me How 1 of 2
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In today’s fast paced organizational environments employee onboarding as well as facility equipment training are two areas that many organizations struggle with. How do I get started with a central onboarding point? How do I acclimate new hires to the various facilities? Additionally, where facility equipment training is required how can I do so contextually and in a manner that is intuitive and engaging.

In this HLS Show Me How video I focus on the creation of immersive tours and training using SharePoint Spaces new object, 360’ Tour. Along the way I also show how to quickly set up a rich   Employee Onboarding Environment, how to enable SharePoint Spaces and more. In the second video of this series I will demonstrate how to create easy access to the Space and Tour using both SharePoint Online Navigation as well as direct integration into Microsoft Teams.


360' Virtual Tours 2 Part Series:  

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