Update procedure FSLogix advice

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Hi All,


Was wondering what the update procedure is for FSlogix.

Current setup:

- RDS 2016

- FSLogix v2.9.7654.46150


I read that i can just run the latest installer\hotfix package and it will be in place upgraded. Just wanted to make sure.  The version we are running with is really old so it needs upgrading bad. I assume i can just install the latest version on a test RDS server to test if current profiles keep running ok. Is that best practice in general or do you just upgrade the whole lot and assume its ok?



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Hi Peter,

Updated versions can be installed on top of the older version but require a reboot.
Please note that the latest FSlogix versions have a lot of issues. I keep all my customers on version FSLogix 2201 hotfix 2 (2.9.8228.50276).