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OneDrive / OneDrive for Business using DEM and FSLogix Office Profiles

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Greetings Community.  Has anyone implemented OneDrive and/or OneDrive for Business along with VMWare Dynamic Environment Manager and FSLogix Office Profiles?  In a non-persistent VDI Scenario we are using DEM to manage the user side of our profiles, and the FSLogix Office Profiles to manage the Office side. 


A few questions:

  • Data center/building cache - is there a mechanism for building-level cache, or does every user have to long-line back to Azure every time?
  • Non-persistence –
    • Does the OneDrive Sync Cache save to the FSLogix Office Profile container?
    • Does it cache on logon or upon accessing a file and the purge the cache on log off or does it persist in FSLogix?
    • What are the minimum and recommended storage requirements for FSLogix for OneDrive?

Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.  


Thank you!

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