What to do with DiscoveryMailbox and Health Mailboxes after migration to office365?

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after migration user mailboxes to o365 to shut down an exchange, i see the discoverySearch- and Healthmailboxes still on the exchange server. Can i just leave them there or disable / delete them to start the procedure: Manage recipients in Exchange Server 2019 Hybrid environments | Microsoft Docs

it says there should be no on prem mailboxes anymore in step 1, but i don't know if these apply for that as well?



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That is a good question. My understanding is that Microsoft are referring to users/resource/shared mailboxes not system/health mailboxes when saying there should be no mailboxes left on premises, but what you are actually supposed to do with the system and health mailboxes once you shutdown the last server I'm not sure
Hi Dan

I cleared all the mailboxes from the command Get-Mailbox with disable-mailbox command. The healthmailboxes from monitoring i deleted through ADUC. Didn't notice anything special from removing them.
I was looking at the disable-mailbox cmdlet and it does have a parameter called "DisableLastArbitrationMailboxAllowed" which might also be appropriate.