Unable to activate DKIM

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I try to activate the DKIM but it doesn't work.

The DNS settings are set correctly, but Office365 does not recognize them.


Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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Hey @Frank Vos ,


It appears that you are missing a dot after selector1/selector2, It should be like : selector1._domainkey. Once you are done making the changes, use the following website to verify if the records were created correctly :

Query format on the website : Selector1/selector2 in first box and '' in the second box.

Hey @harveer singh 


Thanks! but, same result..



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Hey @Frank Vos , I see where you have got it wrong, the domain name is basically mentioned twice, So your CNAME record right now is : pointing to, you see how the domain name is coming up twice, that means the DNS provider is adding the automatically to the cname you are creating. So simply create the CNAME record as selector1._domainkey pointing to and let your DNS do the rest.

hey @harveer singh, Ah check! now I get it, I immediately adjusted it and now I have to wait for the DNS

Thanks! :smile: