Switching to Microsoft Exchange?

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I have an Office 365 subscription and use Outlook as email client.

I have ‘On My Computer’ folders on my iMac to archive my emails.

I use Outlook clients on my MacBook pro and my iPhone.

Outlook for Mac is handling 6 email accounts (POP, Imap, gmail, …).

If I switch to Microsoft Exchange, will the ‘On My Computer’ folders be available on all my devices (iMac, MacBook Pro and iPhone)?

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Switching to Microsoft Exchange for your email service can indeed provide synchronization of folders across multiple devices, including iMac, MacBook Pro, and iPhone. However, whether the "On My Computer" folders specifically will be synchronized depends on how you have set up your email client and your Exchange account.

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Without looking specifically at the details of these other mail accounts, in general the mail in these accounts would need to be migrated first to your Exchange Online mailbox before it would be available across devices