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Hi all,

need help with Quarantined emails.


sender "A" forwards emails to recipient "B".

B never receives these emails because they end up in Quarantine marked as PHISH.

Sender "A" email address & domain are both white-listed.

Recipient B has no rules in the mailbox that would block these messages.

Message trace has "Quarantine: no additional info provided".

In "Message Analyzer" I've found AntiSPAM-Report - SFV:SPM which means "The message was marked as spam by the content filter."

I can't find the responsible "filter" that is causing this issue.

I've tried to search by "domain" in rules, but nothing comes up.


Any ideas?

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Hello@DiVojich !

Does the emails perhaps contain any attachments that could be blocked? 
Simple test would be to send an email with just text 


Have you whitelisted in Office365 or in the Outlook client of the affected user? 

Kind regards
Oliwer Sjöberg