Setting default sender for automapped shared mailboxes

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We are currently in the migration to O356 from a non Exchange service.

We have multiple sites with 1 - 5 employees and have a shared mailbox structure for each site.

Employees should reply and send new mails from the shared mailbox and only use their personal mail for internal stuff.


Now we automapped the associated shared mailbox to the employees but would love to set the default sender to instead of
This as far as we could find, was only possible by disabling automapping and map the Mailbox by hand as another account.

Is there anyway be it Intune, Powershell, Regedit or Outlook itself to set my default sender address to the address of the shared mailbox WITH automapping enabled?


Thanks and stay safe!

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No, as that's basically the difference between adding an account and adding a mailbox. Many functionalities in Outlook are only available when you are using the "File -> Add account" method, including the option to "always send using the default account" 

Hi @MecLog,


google for "RightFrom add-in for Outlook" - it does exactly what you want.