Setting calendar access in PowerShell without explicit sharing

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In Office 365 I can set calendar view access levels for all users in my organization from the Outlook web UI.  This assumes that I am logged on to that specific user mailbox and does not appear to be available from the O365 or Exchange Admin Centres.


The option is available from here:


Office365 Online Portal


Outlook Settings (cog in top right corner)

View All Outlook Settings


Shared Calendars

Select My Calendar from the drop down


Once selected, a sharing and permissions window is displayed.  This shows a selection for 'People In My Organization' which is there presumably by default.

I can then select an access level for all users in my organization without having to explicitly add individual users or send sharing invites to users

Users in my organization can then simply add my calender to their list of displayed calendars to view my entries at the level of access I have specified


I am guessing this is NOT done using set-mailboxfolderpermission  as I have added this to my own mailbox via the O365 portal UI and it is working however get-mailboxfolderpermission does not list this within the returned results 


My questions are:

Can the above UI access levels be set via PowerShell ?

If so, what are the commands to do this?


If I can determine the above I can then push this into a for loop to push out to all user mailboxes across our organization by default


See below for the dialog window I am referring to




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The interorg-level permissions are set through the 'Default' user context; Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity <User>:\Calendar -User Default -AccessRights Reviewer (=FullDetails, the default is AvailabilityOnly).