Restore Teams private chat history to new mailbox

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I'm having an problem with restoring Teams chat history to new user accounts and and their mailbox.

I disabled Azure AD sync for a few users and deleted their account in the cloud tenant from the recyclebin and enabled the sync again to solve an issue with calendar syncing with on-premise mailboxes.

Unfortunately their Teams chat history also vanished from their Teams account and now I'm searching for a way to restore their history.

I can see the deleted mailboxes and should be able to restore the whole mailbox to a temporary account but I have no idea if the missing data is in there or how I can move the Teams chat history to the new mailbox.


Can anyone give me hint or solution?


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The chat data that's stored within the user's mailbox is only used for compliance purposes, it's not what the Teams client exposes. And there isn't any way to restore it in such scenario afaik, but you can always open a support case and ask.


Ok, thanks for your reply, I opened a support case and will see what they can do...



Did you get an update on this? Were you able to restore? Thank you.

@madscientist5500Hi, no, there was no result to this issue unfortunately.