Plus addressing stopped working after few emails

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Hi experts,


I'm trying to find out why the Plus addressing (subaddressing) stopped to work after few emails. In our organization, I have few users that this will be a great way to go with, they  have tested this morning and all was working fine. However, afternoon when we tested again (same email / +addressing as in the morning), we are now getting the error below:




I have checked EAC (Settings>Mail flow) and subaddressing is enabled.


I can see that externally - sending to external email address with "+" and also receive from external email when "+" is used for internal email address, it seems to work with no issues.... But internally we started to see the error above.


How can I fix this?



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Does subaddressing work in OWA?
@sumo83 if it works in OWA, the service is working well.
Maybe there is a problem with outlook-cache on client, please deactivate cache mode restart outlook and activate cache mode again.
Maybe delete the offline address books.



its not related to outlook cache etc as this is a behaviour for 3 different users that were testing it... and for myself as well when trying to send an email to "+" address for the very 1st time. Two users tested it in the morning and were send emails. Later that day, it was not working anymore... nor for me when tried it (was not using/testing it before)


OWA and also NEW OUTLOOK are giving me the error below:



Deactivate +-Addressing:
Set-OrganizationConfig -DisablePlusAddressInRecipients $true
Wait some hours and activate it again:
Set-OrganizationConfig -DisablePlusAddressInRecipients $false



thanks for sharing this... I will try to do it later this week.... However, it looks a bit unreliable to me for now :/. As I had to get the extra emails working ... ehm... earlier today :).... I will go with proper aliases for now. And will maybe play with "plus addressing" another day. 


Thought it would be an easy way to go with... but turned out to be a bit problematic.