OWA for Android app not working

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Have a couple users reporting that when they open the app it is telling them that the App is trying to download an update. It has been like that for several hours.

I tried a clean install of the app on my phone and I can't get past the Device Admin screen as it flashes on then off.


Anyone else seeing similar?

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Is there a specific reason you're still using the OWA app as opposed to Outlook? I know it does some things slightly differently, but my understanding is that it's not supported (I don't know why it's still on the app store) - so I would recommend switching to Outlook.

We are a Government tenant and the OWA app is our only option.

Some plans don't support Outlook for iOS and Android for compliance reasons I assume, primarily the Government plans.  That's why the app is still a round or at least one reason.  Support is murky I think, the Android version never left pre-release, so I think it may not be supported, the iOS version might be different.  Great if they could retire the app entirely, it's abandonware anyway effectively and it's not doing anyone any favours.

Outlook.com app can not negoitate a filtering proxy which exists in many corporate and government environments.


OWA app does work. - or used to work.

Yes - not working in IOS this morning here.

Talked to Support yesterday and they said that there are some backend servers that keep crashing that is causing the OWA mobile app to fail. He said it may be 3 - 4 days before a resolution is pushed out to those servers.

His suggested work around was to use the built in mail app on a mobile device.

That is not a great answer. We use O365 MFA and the native mailers on the phone need to use an App Password which is messy. OWA app or OUTLOOK.COM app are the only two apps that work well with MFA and O365.



No official word from Microsoft yet, but so far OWA is working again for a few of us.

Not been able to load OWA for Android on my S8 since Friday. Have now tried downloading the outlook, but no calendar synchroniasation - any ideas would be very helpful please?

Try to remove updates to Chrome and/or Android Web Services.