Outlook Mobile cannot sync new email by Exchange Hybrid mode

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4 out of 70 users cannot sync new email to the Outlook Mobile suddenly since 20 Feb in my company, the following action has been done but no luck,

  1. Login the affected user account to a workable mobile phone (so it seems not a device issue)
  2. Re-assign the EMS license in azure admin portal
  3. Re-enrol the Intune app with the user’s mobile
  4. Disable the ActiveSync function of the affected user account from the on premise exchange server, wait for 5 minutes and re-enable it.

May I have your advice if anything I should be looking on?

Thank you.

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Please try below article,

Check the status of Device network.

Try to login on other device and see if that works, if it works then it could be device issue.

Check if Active sync enabled on the device,

Try to Re-enroll the Intune app with the user’s mobile.

Check the user's mailbox status: Make sure the user's mailbox is not in quarantine, disabled or disconnected state.

Check the sync settings in Outlook Mobile: Make sure the sync settings for the affected user's Outlook Mobile app are configured correctly.

Check the network connection: Make sure the affected user's mobile device has a stable network connection,

Check for any recent updates: Check if there have been any recent updates to the Exchange server or the Outlook Mobile app that may have caused the issue.

try to configure email in some other available outlook app,


Thanks for your advice. We tried to login on other device but still in vain, another user login on that device without any issue, so it is more likely an account issue.

Finally, we have deleted the user account in AAD, then re-sync objects, and re-install intune company portal on the mobile device to fix the issue.