Outlook cannot connect to exchange but OWA can

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Ive built a new exchange 2019 environment on windows 2019 server (twice) and each time i get the following error when trying to connect my outlook on the win10 client to exchange 


"Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened."


I can open up OWA and send mail (Send connector working) and i have configured the records for autodiscover and mx records.


When i go through the mail option in control panel to setup profiles it successfully pulls the profile from the exchange server and creates the OST file.

Ive tried opening outlook in /safe mode and /resetnavpane.

Also disabling firewalls, antivirus, uninstalled skype and tried reinstalling office.

I have a certificate chain that the system is happy with and dont get any messages.


I've followed the exchange deployment assistant and don't feel i missed any steps. The environment is not connected to the internet and only needs to send mail in a small intranet.


I cant seem to find any logs on the client which may suggest why the outlook client gives that error.

I downloaded the troubleshooter EMT tool and it confirms that things should be working.


I'm out of ideas here and would love any advice or ideas to what i may have missed


Thanks for your time and support




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I tried a 2016 version of outlook to see if that changed anything but similar error.

Tried a different version of exchange 2019 and no luck.

I can still connect to the exchange and download the OST file in control panel\mail. It tells me my profile was successfully setup but outlook still wont load and errors on boot up