MOERA address not created (Resolved)

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I have an issue where the MOERA address was never created for two user accounts.


the users are synced from on-prem AD

no On-premises exchange exists and never did exist

all other users have their moera address created as expected.

I cannot manually add the moera address to the accounts.


how can I get exchange to create the moera address?

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Hi @c_small,

the Microsoft Online Email Routing Address (MOERA) is automatically generated and included in the proxyAddresses attribute within Microsoft Entra ID, a process commonly referred to as proxy calculation.

Key aspects of MOERA creation include:

  • The MOERA is formed from the user's userPrincipalName prefix, combined with the initial domain suffix.
  • The proxyAddresses attribute in Active Directory is a multi-value property containing various known address entries.
  • During synchronization to Microsoft Entra ID, values from the on-premises Active Directory's mail or proxyAddresses attribute are copied to a shadow mail or proxyAddresses attribute in Microsoft Entra ID.
  • Subsequently, internal rules within Microsoft Entra ID are applied to calculate the final proxyAddresses for the object.

If certain users do not have a MOERA address, various factors could be causing the issue.
Consider checking this:

  • Ensure correct settings for mail, mailNickName, and proxyAddresses attributes in your on-premises Active Directory.
  • Verify the uniqueness of the userPrincipalName among all security principal objects in the directory forest.
  • Confirm domain verification in Microsoft Entra ID.

How the proxyAddresses attribute is populated in Microsoft Entra ID - Active Directory | Microsoft L...

Microsoft Entra UserPrincipalName population - Microsoft Entra ID | Microsoft Learn

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Leon Pavesic

@LeonPavesic Thank you. The common issues you mentioned have already been ruled out.


how can the MORERA address be populated? What can be done to trigger its creation now?

Hi @c_small 


The Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard adds the MOERA Address to the Default EmailAddressPolicies.

Check with:

Get-EmailAddressPolicy -Identity "Default Policy" | fl Name, Enabled*


I guess these two Accounts have the "EmailAddressPolicyEnabled" set to False

Check with:

Get-Mailbox -Identity YourUser | fl EmailAddressPolicyEnabled





Thank you. There is no hybrid exchange though. There is no exchange on-premise and there never has been. It is native exchange online, does your suggestion still apply?

Hi @c_small 

If you're not using Exchange Hybrid the email address removed for privacy reasons and email address removed for privacy reasons are not very important.


You still can check if the Emailaddresspolicy is enabled on these Mailboxes.




@Andres Bohren The issue is resolved. The address is needed in my case for migration purposes.


I believe the fix was removing the Exchange license from the users and letting it strip the Exchange related data from users. At this point we were allowed to add the MOERA address manually without an error. Afterwards assigning the Exchange license back to the user.


previously when attempting to manually add the MOERA address it would fail with an error about being unable to write the data back to entra with dual-write etc..


thank you for you assistance!