Migrating from Gmail To Exchange 365 - Limitg incoming IMAP migration traffic from Exchange

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Hey everyone!


Is possible to limit IMAP traffic in Exchange 365 when is synchronizing with gmail IMAP ?
What I need is avoid reach to Gmail IMAP daily limit of 2500 MegaByte. I've got several account which more than 8 gigs of email. 


According to gmail documentation, once an account reach IMAP limit, Google system suspends automatically that account for 24 hours. Administrator can reactivate it anytime, but, if an account violates 5 times in a calendar year this limits, is locked by the system and none can reactivate it during the next 24 hours. If an account is suspended can not sent/receive message.

I would like avoid this issue, so, it would be helpful to me that exchanges automatically stops at 2000 Megabytes each day.


Can I automatically do that?


Thanks for you reply and time!




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Hi @UserNotTaken

Recommended as follows -

1.) Setup on Office 365
2.) Switch DNS so routing goes to Office 365
3.) Perform an IMAP migration with BitTitan MigrationWiz

With BitTitan, you can set to migrate in stages, see


Hope that helps to answer your question. I have migrated several thousand mailboxes from Google to Office 365 with MigrationWiz and it's always been a great experience and is a reasonable price. It always has great feedback from Partners. If you do decide to use it then the guide is here


Hope that helps and answers your question. All the best for the migration.

Best, Chris

Hi, thanks for you reply.


I will explore your option. Based on your answer, I understand that I can't limit when importing from Exchange.


Thanks again for your replying.



Yes, as per this article there is no clean way to control it with the proprietary tool. Not in terms of moving it over in portions in the IMAP scenario.


Best, Chris