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Here is the situation, a user sent an email to a coworker however the recipinet never received the message. upon reviewing the delivery report for the message it shows that the message is "Pending: and that the message is taking longer then expected." The message was sent on 10/3/16 and the pending satus keeps updating. I have looked at the message tracking and see it was submitted but no delivery and when i look at the messages queues (get-TransportService | Get-Queue ) I see only the shadow queues have messages. I am out of ideas on where to look for the stuck message and get to the bottom of this issue. Thanks for the help in advance.

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I also pulled the tracking logs and it shows the message was delivered to. upon looking at the tracking logs decided to check the users recovered deleted items as I had looked in her mailbox previously and low and be hold there was the email. Kind of strange the delivery report shows that delivery is pending. Weird.