Marking External Email with an Exchange Transport Rule

This topic has been discussed before, but I think it's worth looking at again because of the growth in phishing and the need to dial-down the effect of email transport rules with exceptions to make rules processing more acceptable to end users.
Helping Exchange Protect Users from Bad Email Given the amount of spam floating around today, it comes as no surprise that many organizations deploy an Exchange transport rule to mark inbound external email with a suitable warning. This is a straightforward rule to configure and it can help stop users being fooled by bad messages…
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hmm, i thought there's a separate forum for O365?

There is, but what's your point? This topic is about using an Exchange transport rule to warn recipients about external email that might be dangerous. Transport rules are supported both in the cloud and on-premises versions.

Great articel Tony, thank you.

Hi Tony,

I know the article is a bit older, but the topic of phishing emails is still current.
I have seen this solution in emails quite often and I was 100% sure that it is realized via MailTips. Ok, now I know MailTips can only be used when you create an email.

The solution from the article looks quite good for the first email, but if you are starting a conversation with a lot more messages the prepended disclaimer doesn't look very good it is not handled like some kind of a "sticky" note.

Isn't there a better solution? Something Microsoft is already working on? A new column or sign in Outlook itself? A possibility to have MailTips for received emails?

I would be very grateful to hear that there is a development in progress.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the hint! This looks great. So let's wait for propagation.