low exchange 2016 storage space

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Hello Team,
I only have 3% storage space left on my Exchange 2016 Server.

1. I cannot move the database because I have no space on my SAN
2. "White space" is not enough to defragment
3. Is it correct to change the disk type to dynamic disk? I will be able to add 50GB temporarily and in a few weeks I will migrate my Exchange to Office 365.
Can this be done without risk? Just by having the disk converted?

Thank you !!!

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Dynamic disks are supported but I can't find anything about converting on a live server.
If this is a single server couldn't you just use the 50GB to add a new volume, create a new database and move some mailboxes to it to make some white space?
Obviously you can't move too many since you'll be creating log files on the target volume, although they'll be purged with a backup.

Alternatively depending how much space your logs take up daily you could add the 50GB as a new volume and move the log folder to it, obviously you'd need to dismount the database to do that.