Is possible to send email from alias of shared mailbox?

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I would like to ask, is possible to send email from shared mailbox, where sender is alias of shared mailbox. 

*Shared mailbox is without licence
*User has permission: read and administration. And send as. 
*In exchange administration, is enabled is settings-> Mail flow-> "turn on sending from aliases" 

Now, it gives me error notification. "User has not permission to send email from specified user" - specified user is alias of shared mailbox. 

I found a few mentions. Somebody said, that alias of shared mailbox as a sender is not allowed (but information from 2018). 

Can anybody give me some advice, how to solved this issue. 

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Yes, you can use the Send As Alias feature with combination of Send As permissions to achieve that. You will also need Full access permissions to the shared mailbox in order to configure the Send As Alias feature and enable the alias in question, as you can only configure this via OWA settings currently.
Hi Vasil,

thaks for reply. But, did you try it sometime? Because I try it many times, with many combinations... never works

If you have functional solution, can you give me some image documentation (without personal and business data).

I also wat to point out that, there was made migration into Exchange online. But I dont think so if it is problem.
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yes, as you said in OWA it works correctly. But I hope the solution will be asap in Outolook desktop app.

Thanks for article.
I still haven't checked the Current channel version of Outlook, give it a try.
I've used the newest version of Outlook desktop app (2208) with enabled prerelease function. Still doesn't work.

I just got this working for a client. It's an org-wide setting (Exchange Admin portal > Settings > Mail flow). Need to check the box to Turn on sending from aliases.
Using PowerShell: Get-OrganizationConfig | select SendFromAliasEnabled
Should be True, if it's false use: Set-OrganizationConfig -SendFromAliasEnabled $true

Worked. Thanks for the sharing and guidance.
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