Identify legit emails vs Spoofed emails in the Header

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Is there any way to differentiate between legit and spoofed emails from looking into email header?


We saw an spoofed email saying via return--path in the To:... section. And it comes from


So what is the area of mismatch between legit and spoofed email that exchange or outlook consider one as an unverified email?


How does Outlook/Exchange process to choose and pick the legit emails?



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This method I have witnessed when you do the spoofing INTERNALLY....

Copy email header and paste it in "Microsoft Message Header Analyzer" tool


If it is spoofed email you will find like this

> X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AuthAs: Anonymous


if it is a legitimate email you will find this way
> X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AuthAs: Internal


External spoofing : An SPF record is playing a key role here to block spoofing emails –
(SPF record: a list of IP addresses which are authorized to send emails from a domain.)

Most probably your mail gateway will block the spoofing emails based on define RULES.


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Thanks MD, I will give it a try

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Most welcome buddy.