I am trying to understand the mailbox size.

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I am trying to understand the mailbox size. We have a on prem Exchange server. Please see the picture below, why is there discrepancy between what is shown on Outlook client and the Exchange server itself . Left side is the Outlook client, the right side is Exchange server one. Mailbox.JPG

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@fedoracore What you see on ECP, whatever version of Exchange or Exchange online if you are using includes all data in IPM except Recoverable items ( deleted items in this case ) whch is shared across your IPM and non-ipm data folders.


IPM contains the default front end folders like inbox, sent items drafts , etc and deleted items (partially) , when an item is deleted from deleted items and it moves to recoverable items folder (Last chance) it moves into NON-ipm which is separate from Mailbox regular statistics and hence displays the same on ECP/Admin Center which is different from your Outlook statistics.


For Best results, always run below command to fetch statistics which will give you exact data a mailbox is consuming Technically from backend mailbox database.


Get-MailboxStatistics | FL 


Also for getting information about each specific folder and how much data your recoverable items folders are consuming - 


Get-MailboxFolderStatistics | Select Name , Foldersize , Itemsinfolder


For specific to Recoverable items run below - 


Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -FolderScope Recoverableitems | Select Name , Foldersize , Itemsinfolder


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