How to use Organizational Form for appointments made via Resource Booking Attendant?

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Hi there,


We're looking at creating a number of resource mailboxes for meeting rooms and equipment and I'd like the bookings that get created in the calender to use an Organizational Form template that we've setup, but it's not being used.


I've edited the properties of the Calendar to use the form 'when posting to this folder'. If I manually create an appointment when using Outlook as the mailbox itself, it uses the form. But when I send it an email from a different account, it uses the generic form. If I right-click and edit the calender from a different account that has full permissions to it, I can see the correct form is set for new items.

So I'm at a bit of a loss. It's important for us to use this custom form, as it will have some details to be filled out by the staff member who hands out the equipment and who accepts it when it's returned.


Any ideas?


We're using Exchange 2010 on premise and Outlook 2010.

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