How to configure dynamic mail group on the hybrid exchange deployment

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We have on premises exhchange server 2016 and recently we migrated some mailboxes to the cloud M365,
But now we can't send a mail to all users.
How to configure dynamic distribution mail and how to send a mail all users (both of on premises and online)

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Dynamic DGs are not synced to M365, thus they do not represent a valid recipient object. Consider recreating them in Exchange Online.

@Vasil MichevThank you for your information, We made a create new dynamic DG but only online exchange users received email. how to sent emails to on premises users ?
ps: our some users migrated online and some users still in on premises exchange server.

Hope the following article will help you

Mailboxes that are migrated to Microsoft 365 become mail-enabled users in the on-premises directory.

Use the Set-DynamicDistributionGroup cmdlet to update the filters for the dynamic distribution group to include mail-enabled users.

Hello @EdTheFil ,  


Thank you for your reply, and i have another on question :D
- We followed that steps and configured but we can't appear accept or reject button
I attached screen shot





We do not use this function, but what about opening the Outlook element attached?
That would be logical, as you cannot make the decision without viewing the message itself.