How to add company contacts (employees of our company) to everybody's contact folder?

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I want to add all of our company's employees to the contact folders of our employees. How can I do that?


The problem I am facing is that when I add a new Office 365 user, the user is added to the global address list. The global address list is not automatically pushed to mobile phones synced using Outlook app or Exchange Online integration. I can always look up the new contact in the GAL using my phone, but this is not the same as having the contact on my device (when the new user calls me, I see only his number even though he is in GAL).


So, the new Office 365 user has to be added somehow to everybody's contact folder. How can I do that?

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You can "copy" contacts from GAL to user's folders via EWS, here's a sample script:

But even with this type of solution some mobiles will have issues...

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I feel like I am missing something on this topic... Is there any other approach to solve this problem (getting company contact (GAL, Office 365 users) into employees' contact lists)?

You can always copy them manually... :) If you do need to copy them to each user's mailbox, using EWS or Graph API is the way to go.