Exchange Server 2019 CU latest update CU 12

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Dear Support,

We have Exchange Server 2019 CU 11 with hybrid, but now looking to upgrade CU12.

so my question is, if I upgrade to Exchange 2019 CU 12 so after there are 6 Security patches, so do i need to update all 6 security patches or just most recent one update is fine.


Please advise... Your prompt support is highly appreciated 

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just update the recent one which will include all the previous updates.

the recent update is a below:

Exchange Server 2019 CU12 Feb23SU February 14, 2023 15.2.1118.25 15.02.1118.025

Thanks @ eliekarkafy for prompt reply, So after update the CU 15.2.1118.7, i can direct update the SU 15.2.1118.25, please confirm
Correct, Exchange Server CUs and SUs are cumulative, you just need to install the latest CU and SU releases. Please mark it as best answer in case that answered your question
Appreciate eliekarkafy for prompt reply.

HI eliekarkaf, one more quick question, for Exchange 2019 CU 12 do i need to update schema as well manually
and what about Dotnet?

Yes its recommended to update the schema and update the .NET before installing the CU . When you run the CU it will check for all prerequisites in case your schema or your .net are not updates it will tell you to update them prior proceeding