Exchange Hybrid Deployment on Azure AD Connect

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Hi Support, 


I have deployed Exchange Hybrid but I didn't tick option for Exchange hybrid deployment features in Azure AD Connect. All the mailboxes is on-premises. We configured exchange hybrid because we want Teams interact with exchange on-premises. It's compulsory to tick this option? what is the impact if we didn't tick this features?  





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Hello, well this isn't support. It's a community :)

You should read this and specifically the hybrid deployment.
The "hybrid" option enables writeback of some attributes as detailed here:
You want the checkbox enabled for better integration between the two orgs, including cross-premises permissions.

Ah yes Hi Community.

Yes I have read that link. So to meet the requirement still need to enable that features right?
Meaning if all the mailboxes still on-premises we still need to enabled that features right? Is there any impact if I enabled that features during Office hours? Any recommendation?