exchange 2019 ipblocklistprovider block e-mail even not in blocklist

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hello guys ,


i'm facing a prblem on exchange 2019 CU3 .


i set the ipblocklistprovider as to prevent spam e-mails , but some e-mails from our costomer were blocked  .  i have checked the agent log ,and i can see the log which e-mails were blocked by .


1. i use test-ipblocklistprovider command to test the ipaddress of our customer , but the DNS lookup result from is "false"


2.  i try to add this ip address of our customer into ipallowlistentry , but no use , the e-mail still blocked .


does anyone can help on this ?


thank you very much .



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hello@Marco Antonio da Silva


thank you for your reply .


i think the anti-spam function is working now because i can see lots of spam e-mails were blocked .


the problem is some e-mails from our customer's were blocked but i want to add them into the whitelist . 


the way i tried to is to add the ip address into IpAllowListEntry , but no use , the e-mails still blocked .


so i'm looking for someone can help on this .


thank you very much .