Exchange 2016 On-premise

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We are in the process of planning to setup new Exchange 2016 on-premise environment.


from architectural point of view what are all the things do we need to consider?


such as


DAG Layout


Global Gatalog

Hardware etc?

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Ross Smith IV writes the authoritative guide on the preferred Architecture for Exchange 2016.
Try to build your 2016 environment as closely to the PA as possible. I have built several Exchange 2016 environments for customers following this guide and it has worked out very well for me and my clients.
Next, download a copy of the Role Requirements Calculator, as this will help you size the disks properly:
Then, when you are ready to do the install, follow the Deployment Assistant wizard here:
There is some new Exchange 2016 training that just became available that you might want to look at.
Also, just curious, have you considered migrating to Exchange Online to avoid the cost of building and supporting this on-premises environment?