Exchange 2016/2019 Download link

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I am having a hard time to find a direct link to download Exchange 2016 or Exchange 2019 Trial Version.


Could somebody help me with that...?

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If you have an MSDN/VSLC subscription, you can find the binaries there. Otherwise, it *should* be available from the eval center (although I couldn't actually find it listed there):

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already tried at the evaluation Centre the download link for Exchange Servers is not available...

Yup, I saw that. I pinged few folks, hopefully they'll have a better answer.

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OK, so it doesn't look like the latest 2019 binaries are available outside of VLSC/MSDN. For older versions, links to the latest downloads can be found here:

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Thanks for your help. So for now we can't download MS Exchange 2013/16 from Evaluation Centre.. Right?



The article I linked to above has direct links for download of older versions.

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You can find the links to the available Exchange Server 2016 Cumulative Updates (which are evaluations versions by default) following this link:


To stay in a supported configuration, only the most current CU and the last two CUs are available for download.


As mentioned by Vasil, Exchange Server 2019 is available via Volumen licensing only.



@Robin Nishad I am having a hard time to find a direct link to download Exchange 2016

@alameer131 Hi, the easiest and safest way to find the most recent CU download for Exchange Server 2016 is the Exchange Server build numbers and release dates page on Docs.


Scroll down to the Exchange Server 2016 section and you'll find the currently supported CUs. Those links redirect you to Microsoft Download Center.