Exchange 2010 - Exchange 2016 migration - Server Roles missing?

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I am migrating from a Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 and have now finished installing and configuring the new Exchange 2016 server. What I am a bit confused about is the server roles listed for the new server. When I installed Exchange 2016 I did not leave anything out and if I try to Change the installation it says that all roles is installed.


Why does it not list ClientAccess for the new Exchange 2016 server? Only Mailbox role.


Exchange 2010 has these roles: Mailbox, ClientAccess, Hub Transport
Exchange 2016 has these roles: Mailbox


Is that how it should be or am I missing something here? I have been using the following guide for installation and migration:

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Exchange 2016 only has 2 roles.  They are Mailbox and Edge Transport.  Other roles from earlier versions of Exchange were consolidated into fewer roles.