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When user get quarantine notification with the list of blocked emails in quarantine and then user choose particular one for "request for release", then this information is correctly passed to admins, but when admin clicked on the link (in emails)  got list of all quarantined emails of this person- not the current one which was requested. So it means that admin at the end don't know which one should be released.... Anyone has idea to handle it? 

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Hi @RobertS00 


On the Quarantine page, you can sort the results by clicking on an available column header. See the document below for more information. 

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Hi @RobertS00,

I had no opportunity to check the behavior from the release request message yet, but from the Quarantine admin queue you can click on the filter icon, ( up right ), and filter only the Release requests, ( see screenshot below ). That way, admins will only see the requested ones and, once released, the queue will be empty.




yeah, right, thank you
yes, thank you it also make sense