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Hi Microsoft Family

I would like ask a question, we sometime send email to "Account A" but will receive Email Undeliverable.

The email account is fine on others features such as MS Teams and Office Application.

I checked Exchange Admin site, "Manage settings for email apps" all Enabled.


What should I do for now? Please advice me.


Thanks all

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Post the full NDR message here, or run a message trace to get additional details:

Hi @VasilMichev 


Here you go~~

Where does verizonmedia come in play here, does the user has some sort of forwarding configured to yahoo or similar? Forwarded messages can break some of the anti-spam/anti-malware checks and cause a delivery error.
Yes, that user configured auto forwarding to yahoo email.
Should I remove it to resolve it the issue?
That's up to you to decide, but the NDR above is most likely indeed caused by forwarding breaking some of the checks. Here's an article with more details: