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First, thank you for reading this. 

I have a customer that was migrated to Office 365  - for many years they had some public folders with drafts in an OmPrem Exchange 2007 deployment. This folders were shared between some team members. This guys create new emails, modify existing and complete email fields (including MailFrom:) so Team Leader has only the need to open the email, read it, and, if everything is ok, send it.


They still have this functionality but is more often that team leaders ask me how to achieve this with a Apple MAC or from his/her phone. 


I've created a laboratory to share Personal Mailbox Draft Folder between team members and this solution worked.

But, after a meeting today, I have a lot of Team leaders asking for this functionality. I think I need to rethink because I can't have every Team Leader mailbox sharing his/her draft folder.  Some team leaders share team members. In some cases a team member could will have 4 o 5 additional mailbox. Because procedure is not just grant Full Mailbox access, autoconnect feature is not a solution.

Also I need to manually deploy this conection in every outlook.  And still have some constraints because team member cannot work with team leader drafts outside Outlook.


I was looking for a solution since long time ago. Maybe someone of you are using something that maybe works.


Please Forgive my english.



Rodrigo de los Santos




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You can use shared mailboxes I suppose, but that again leaves the issue with permissions, and having too many additional mailboxes in Outlook.

@Vasil MichevThanks for your reply. That's true. It Is a Permissions Nightmare!!!