Cutover and Staged migrations.

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Hey Guys, 


Reading through some documentation here: both for staged and cutover migrations. 


I am curious when you do a cutover or staged migration from an exchange 2010, 2013 or 2016. Do you: 


1) Have to Rebuild users profiles? (Cutover) 

2) Can you use an account with Impersonation Rights? Like when doing hybrid migrations? , or do you actually have to grant Receive as, Full Access or make the migration account a domain admin ? 

3) What is the difference between an Outlook Anywhere Migration, Remote Move (Hybrd) and an EWS migration ?

4) Are you not able to do a staged migration for less than 2000 mailboxes?


Thanks, and Merry Christmas!! 



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Staged migration is NOT supported on 2010+. And yes, both cutover and staged require profile reconfiguration. This is one of the main reasons people prefer to use Hybrid instead, where possible.


Impersonation is only needed when you are using some EWS-based migration tool. None of the Microsoft supported methods requires this, so it's for third-party tools.


There is no restriction in the number of mailboxes you can migrate via staged migration, certainly not any restrictions for under 2000 mailboxes.

Thanks Vasil. I have one more question on this. Why is it that staged migrations are not supported on 2010, 2013 or 2016. I cant seem to find a good reason why. I see the notice in this document here but it doesn't say why.





To put it bluntly, because Microsoft decided so :) You do have the option to do minimal Hybrid with those Exchange versions, which gives you all the benefits of a staged migration, and more: