Converting Shared Mailbox to Private mailbox

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Apologies if this has been asked before but I haven't found it..


We operate within a Hybrid environment and sometime ago a Shared Mailbox was created directly in the cloud (by me..).  Now I would like to convert it to a private mailbox, but I'm worried that as no AD account exists on premise, this could cause a world of pain.  Am I worrying needlessly or is this a problem I've stumbled across? 


I guess I may have to back up the whole mailbox, remove the shared mailbox and create a new Private one?  Doesn't sound like fun but I suppose it would teach me.




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@Daniel Hook 


Hi, check this out -


Probably best to migrate the mailbox to on-prem, then convert it, then migrate it back to the cloud.



Morning Peter,


Thanks for that. I did come across that link yesterday which is when I realised I may have a problem and I got 'the fear'!

I haven't migrated in that direction before, but it does give me hope.  I'll test first by creating a new shared mailbox directly in the cloud and try to migrate it to on premise. Then convert to a full mailbox before migrating to the cloud again!  If it works out as hoped I'll repeat with the important one.


Thanks so much for your help.