Can't find the Server Option in Exchange Admin Center

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I have an Exchange Online Subscription and want to find the Database/Server where the Archive E-Mails from Outlook of the members of my organization are stored. I have activated the In-Place Archive Option, but don't see the Server option in the Exchange Admin Center, where I want find all of the E-Mails of my organization.

Could you help me with some ideas how to solve my problem and where I can find the storage with the E-Mails of my organization?

Thanks in advance.

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As this is a SaaS, you cannot see the server options or databases.

if you are using a hybrid deployment, you will need to enable it from your on-premise server, or else from



Hi Faris,

As I understand, I can't control where the e-mails are stored in Exchange Online and I don't have access to that Microsoft Cloud Server, right?
So when I want to store, for example, the archive e-mails on a Cloud Server where I can control them, what's the best option?
Thanks again in advance!


Data stored in your Data Location Data Center

you can control the data using the management console or shell, and perform full action on the data (Modify, drop, update...) as on premise, but you cannot take control of database and failover from EXDB to another.

Microsoft is controlling this

Hope that help